svn commit: r198745 - in stable/8: etc sys sys/amd64/include/xen sys/cddl/contrib/opensolaris sys/contrib/dev/acpica sys/contrib/pf sys/dev/syscons sys/dev/xen/xenpci sys/kern sys/sys usr.sbin/jail

Dag-Erling Smørgrav des at
Sun Nov 1 17:17:26 UTC 2009

Ed Schouten <ed at> writes:
> Because I can't think of a way to prepare a larger set of patches that
> include proper mergeinfo without constantly reverting back and forth or
> keeping track of multiple 1.2 GB checkouts, I eventually just decided to
> create a bigger patch, so it was more an exception than a routine.

Use ZFS, snapshot a clean tree and create a separate clone for each

Dag-Erling Smørgrav - des at

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