svn commit: r196679 - in stable/8/sys: . amd64/include/xen cddl/contrib/opensolaris contrib/dev/acpica contrib/pf dev/xen/xenpci net

Qing Li qingli at
Mon Aug 31 00:18:18 UTC 2009

Author: qingli
Date: Mon Aug 31 00:18:17 2009
New Revision: 196679

  As part of r196609, a call to  "rtalloc" did not take the fib into
  account. So call the appropriate "rtalloc_ign_fib()" instead of
  calling "rtalloc_ign()".
  Reviewed by:	pointed out by bz
  Approved by:	re

  stable/8/sys/   (props changed)
  stable/8/sys/amd64/include/xen/   (props changed)
  stable/8/sys/cddl/contrib/opensolaris/   (props changed)
  stable/8/sys/contrib/dev/acpica/   (props changed)
  stable/8/sys/contrib/pf/   (props changed)
  stable/8/sys/dev/xen/xenpci/   (props changed)

Modified: stable/8/sys/net/rtsock.c
--- stable/8/sys/net/rtsock.c	Mon Aug 31 00:14:37 2009	(r196678)
+++ stable/8/sys/net/rtsock.c	Mon Aug 31 00:18:17 2009	(r196679)
@@ -527,7 +527,7 @@ route_output(struct mbuf *m, struct sock
 		bzero(&gw_ro, sizeof(gw_ro));
 		gw_ro.ro_dst = *info.rti_info[RTAX_GATEWAY];
-		rtalloc_ign(&gw_ro, 0);
+		rtalloc_ign_fib(&gw_ro, 0, so->so_fibnum);
 		 * A host route through the loopback interface is 
 		 * installed for each interface adddress. In pre 8.0

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