svn commit: r240437 - stable/7/share/misc

Eitan Adler eadler at
Thu Sep 13 01:02:57 UTC 2012

Author: eadler
Date: Thu Sep 13 01:02:56 2012
New Revision: 240437

  MFC r237676,r237677,r237680,r240294,r240318,r240324:
  	Update to reflect reality
  Approved by:	cperciva (implicit)

Directory Properties:
  stable/7/share/misc/   (props changed)

Modified: stable/7/share/misc/
--- stable/7/share/misc/	Thu Sep 13 01:02:56 2012	(r240436)
+++ stable/7/share/misc/	Thu Sep 13 01:02:56 2012	(r240437)
@@ -26,21 +26,15 @@ _misc [label="Miscellaneous Hats"]
 # Development teams go here alphabetically sorted
 core [label="Core Team\ncore at\nwilko, brooks, keramida, imp,\ngnn, wes, hrs, murray,\nrwatson"]
-coresecretary [label="Core Team Secretary\ncore-secretary at\njoel"]
+coresecretary [label="Core Team Secretary\ncore-secretary at\npgj"]
 doccommitters [label="Doc/www Committers\ndoc-committers at"]
-doceng [label="Documentation Engineering Team\ndoceng at\nnik, blackend, hrs,\nkeramida"]
+doceng [label="Documentation Engineering Team\ndoceng at\ngjb, blackend,\ngabor, hrs"]
 portscommitters [label="Ports Committers\nports-committers at"]
-portmgr [label="Port Management Team\nportmgr at\nmarcus, kris, erwin,\nlinimon, pav, krion"]
-portmgrsecretary [label="Port Management Team Secretary\nportmgr-secretary at\nerwin"]
-re [label="Primary Release Engineering Team\nre at\nmux, bmah, hrs, kensmith,\nmurray, rwatson, dwhite"]
-realpha [label="FreeBSD/alpha Release Engineering Team\nre-alpha at\nwilko, murray, rwatson"]
-reamd64 [label="FreeBSD/amd64 Release Engineering Team\nre-amd64 at\nobrien"]
-rei386 [label="FreeBSD/i386 Release Engineering Team\nre-i386 at\nmurray, rwatson"]
-reia64 [label="FreeBSD/ia64 Release Engineering Team\nre-ia64 at\nmarcel"]
-repc98 [label="FreeBSD/pc98 Release Engineering Team\nre-pc98 at\nnyan"]
-reppc [label="FreeBSD/ppc Release Engineering Team\nre-ppc at\ngrehan"]
-resparc64 [label="FreeBSD/sparc64 Release Engineering Team\nre-sparc64 at\njake, phk, tmm, obrien,\nkensmith, murray, rwatson"]
-secteam [label="Security Team\nsecteam at\nmnag, remko, gnn, simon, philip,\ncperciva, csjp, des,\nnectar, rwatson"]
+portmgr [label="Port Management Team\nportmgr at\ntabthorpe, marcus, bapt, beat,\nerwin, linimon, pav,\nitetcu, miwi"]
+portmgrsecretary [label="Port Management Team Secretary\nportmgr-secretary at\ntabthorpe"]
+re [label="Primary Release Engineering Team\nre at\nkib, blackend, jpaetzel, hrs, kensmith,\nrwatson, bz"]
+secteam [label="Security Team\nsecteam at\nsimon, qingli, delphij,\nremko, philip, stas, cperciva,\ncsjp, rwatson, miwi, bz"]
+portssecteam [label="Ports Security Team\nports-secteam at\nmiwi, rea, swills, wxs,\njgh, sbz, eadler, zi, remko, simon"]
 secteamsecretary [label="Security Team Secretary\nsecteam-secretary at\nremko"]
 securityofficer [label="Security Officer Team\nsecurity-officer at\ncperciva, simon, nectar"]
 srccommitters [label="Src Committers\nsrc-committers at"]
@@ -49,24 +43,23 @@ srccommitters [label="Src Committers\nsr
 accounts [label="Accounts Team\naccounts at\nmarkm, simon, kensmith,\ndhw"]
 backups [label="Backup Administrators\nbackups at\nsimon, kensmith,\ndhw"]
-bugmeister [label="Bugmeister Team\nbugmeister at\nceri, linimon, remko"]
-clusteradm [label="Cluster Administrators\nclusteradm at\nbillf, simon, ps,\nkensmith, peter"]
+bugmeister [label="Bugmeister Team\nbugmeister at\neadler, gavin, gonzo, linimon"]
+clusteradm [label="Cluster Administrators\nclusteradm at\nbrd, simon, ps,\nkensmith, peter"]
 cvsupmaster [label="CVSup Mirror Site Coordinators\ncvsup-master at\nkuriyama, jdp,\nkensmith"]
-dcvs [label="CVS doc/www Repository Managers\ndcvs at\njoe, kuriyama, markm,\nsimon"]
 dnsadm [label="DNS Administrators\ndnsadm at\nbillf, dg, ps,\nkensmith, peter"]
 mirroradmin [label="FTP/WWW Mirror Site Coordinators\nmirror-admin at\nkuriyama, kensmith"]
 ncvs [label="CVS src Repository Managers\nncvs at\njoe, kuriyama, markm,\nsimon, peter"]
 pcvs [label="CVS ports Repository Managers\npcvs at\nmarcus, joe, kuriyama,\nmarkm, simon"]
 perforceadmin [label="Perforce Repository Administrators\nperforce-admin at\nscottl, kensmith, gordon,\nrwatson, peter, dhw"]
-postmaster [label="Postmaster Team\npostmaster at\njmb, brd, dhw"]
+postmaster [label="Postmaster Team\npostmaster at\njmb, brd, sahil, dhw"]
 refadm [label="Reference Systems Administrators\nrefadm at\njake, billf, markm, simon,\nobrien, ps, kensmith,\npeter, dhw"]
 webmaster [label="Webmaster Team\nwebmaster at\nnik, kuriyama, simon,\njesusr, wosch"]
 # Misc hats go here alphabetically sorted
-donations [label="Donations Team\ndonations at\nwilko, brueffer,\nobrien, trhodes, ds,\nrwatson"]
+donations [label="Donations Team\ndonations at\ngjb, wilko, gahr, pgolluci,\nobrien, trhodes, ds,\nrwatson"]
 marketing [label="Marketing Team\nmarketing at\nSteven Beedle, Denise Ebery, deb,\njkoshy, Dru Lavigne, mwlucas, imp,\nKris Moore, murray, mattt,\nJeremy C. Reed, rwatson"]
-vendorrelations [label="Vendor Relations Team\nvendor-relations at\nbrueffer, gioria, jmg, rik,\nphilip, hmp, marks,\nmurray"]
+vendorrelations [label="Vendor Relations Team\nvendor-relations at\ngioria, jmg, rik,\nphilip, hmp, marks,\nmurray"]
 # Here are the team relationships.
 # Group together all the entries for the superior team.
@@ -105,15 +98,8 @@ doceng -> doccommitters
 portmgr -> portmgrsecretary
 portmgr -> portscommitters
-re -> realpha
-re -> reamd64
-re -> rei386
-re -> reia64
-re -> repc98
-re -> reppc
-re -> resparc64
 securityofficer -> secteam
+securityofficer -> portssecteam
 secteam -> secteamsecretary

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