svn commit: r241239 - stable/7/games/fortune/datfiles

Eitan Adler eadler at
Fri Oct 5 22:42:58 UTC 2012

Author: eadler
Date: Fri Oct  5 22:42:57 2012
New Revision: 241239

  MFC r241116:
  	Correct the tip about finding all the directories on the system
  	Add a tip about clearing the screen.
  	Make things more consistent by removing quotes around 'make search'
  Approved by:	cperciva (implicit)

Directory Properties:
  stable/7/games/fortune/   (props changed)

Modified: stable/7/games/fortune/datfiles/freebsd-tips
--- stable/7/games/fortune/datfiles/freebsd-tips	Fri Oct  5 22:42:57 2012	(r241238)
+++ stable/7/games/fortune/datfiles/freebsd-tips	Fri Oct  5 22:42:57 2012	(r241239)
@@ -272,8 +272,11 @@ will search '/', and all subdirectories,
 To see all of the directories on your FreeBSD system, type
-	ls -R / | less
-		-- Dru <genesis at>
+	find / -type d | less
+All the files?
+	find / -type f | less
 To see how long it takes a command to run, type the word "time" before the
 command name.
@@ -315,9 +318,9 @@ and they can be combined as "ls -FG".
 Want to find a specific port, just type the following under /usr/ports
 or one its subdirectories:
-	"make search name=<port-name>"
+	make search name=<port-name>
-	"make search key=<keyword>"
+	make search key=<keyword>
 Want to know how many words, lines, or bytes are contained in a file? Type
 "wc filename".
@@ -422,6 +425,8 @@ You can press Ctrl-D to quickly exit fro
 login shell.
 		-- Konstantinos Konstantinidis <kkonstan at>
+You can press Ctrl-L while in the shell to clear the screen.
 You can press up-arrow or down-arrow to walk through a list of
 previous commands in tcsh.

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