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Date: Sun May 13 01:30:27 2012
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  MFC r235209 r235227:
  	Add a few new tips and update some old ones to more modern commands
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@@ -73,8 +73,8 @@ If you need to ask a question on the Fre
 contains lots of useful advice to help you get the best results.
-If you `set filec' (file completion) in tcsh and write a part of the
-filename, pressing TAB will show you the available choices when there
+If you write part of a filename in tcsh,
+pressing TAB will show you the available choices when there
 is more than one, or complete the filename if there's only one match.
 If you `set watch = (0 any any)' in tcsh, you will be notified when
@@ -122,9 +122,6 @@ In order to support national characters 
 less without creating other nationalisation aspects, set the environment
 variable LC_ALL to 'en_US.ISO8859-1'.
-In tcsh, you can `set autolist' to have the shell automatically show
-all the possible matches when doing filename/directory expansion.
 "man firewall" will give advice for building a FreeBSD firewall
 		-- David Scheidt <dscheidt at>
@@ -192,13 +189,6 @@ flag is your gateway.
 Nice bash prompt: PS1='(\[$(tput md)\]\t <\w>\[$(tput me)\]) $(echo $?) \$ '
 		-- Mathieu <mathieu at>
-Nice tcsh prompts:
-	set prompt = '[%B%m%b] %B%~%b%# '
-	set prompt = '%m %# '
-	set prompt = '%n@%m%# '
-	set prompt = '%n@%m:%/%# '
-	set prompt = '%n@%m:%~%# '
 Over quota?  "du -s * | sort -n " will give you a sorted list of your
 directory sizes.
 		-- David Scheidt <dscheidt at>
@@ -263,7 +253,7 @@ To quickly create an empty file, use "to
 		-- Dru <genesis at>
 To read a compressed file without having to first uncompress it, use
-"zcat" or "zmore" to view it.
+"zcat" or "zless" to view it.
 		-- Dru <genesis at>
 To repeat the last command in the C shell, type "!!".
@@ -282,7 +272,7 @@ will search '/', and all subdirectories,
 To see all of the directories on your FreeBSD system, type
-	ls -R / | more
+	ls -R / | less
 		-- Dru <genesis at>
 To see how long it takes a command to run, type the word "time" before the
@@ -322,7 +312,7 @@ been replaced with other messages, look 
 Want colour in your directory listings?  Use "ls -G".  "ls -F" is also useful,
 and they can be combined as "ls -FG".
-Want to find a specific port, just type the following under /usr/ports,
+Want to find a specific port, just type the following under /usr/ports
 or one its subdirectories:
 	"make search name=<port-name>"
@@ -479,3 +469,9 @@ when you are trying to find where in the
 Try "whereis firefox" and "whereis whereis".
 		-- Konstantinos Konstantinidis <kkonstan at>
+Want to run the same command again?
+In tcsh you can type "!!"
+Want to go the directory you were just in?
+Type "cd -"

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