svn commit: r235090 - stable/7/lib/libc/sys

Eitan Adler eadler at
Sun May 6 14:23:19 UTC 2012

Author: eadler
Date: Sun May  6 14:23:19 2012
New Revision: 235090

  MFC r234820:
  	 pread(2) might fail with EBUSY, so document it
  PR:		docs/167201
  Approved by:	cperciva (implicit)

Directory Properties:
  stable/7/lib/libc/   (props changed)

Modified: stable/7/lib/libc/sys/read.2
--- stable/7/lib/libc/sys/read.2	Sun May  6 14:23:01 2012	(r235089)
+++ stable/7/lib/libc/sys/read.2	Sun May  6 14:23:19 2012	(r235090)
@@ -164,6 +164,8 @@ argument
 points outside the allocated address space.
 .It Bq Er EIO
 An I/O error occurred while reading from the file system.
+.It Bq Er EBUSY
+Failed to read from a file, e.g. /proc/<pid>/regs while <pid> is not stopped
 .It Bq Er EINTR
 A read from a slow device
 (i.e.\& one that might block for an arbitrary amount of time)

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