Important Reply.

Franky Meersman pfrankymee at
Tue Mar 27 20:44:46 UTC 2012

Good day,
My name is Franky Meersman, a senior staff and an executive of a bank here in United Kingdom. I am writing to seek your indulgence and assistance. I wish to make a transfer involving an amount of money estimated at 20,000.000.00 (Twenty Million British Pounds Sterling) and I feel strongly that you will be capable of receiving this fund into your account in your country.

I am proposing to make this transfer to a designated bank account of your choice. I could not do this project alone since I am an insider in the bank. A zero account balance or a new account may be opened for this purpose. Thus, for your indulgence and support, I propose an offer of 25% of the total amount to be your compensation and commission after the transfer has been successfully concluded. reply me private (meersmanfr at 447045709908
Thanks and God bless.
Franky Meersman

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