svn commit: r219766 - stable/7/sbin/ifconfig

Glen Barber gjb at
Sat Mar 19 00:35:11 UTC 2011

Author: gjb (doc committer)
Date: Sat Mar 19 00:35:11 2011
New Revision: 219766

  MFC 219574:
  - Add example of using 'scan' for wireless networks, similarly to
    OpenBSD's ifconfig(8).
  - wlan0 isn't available on 7.x, so substitute ath0 for wlan0 in the
  PR:		151952

Directory Properties:
  stable/7/sbin/ifconfig/   (props changed)

Modified: stable/7/sbin/ifconfig/ifconfig.8
--- stable/7/sbin/ifconfig/ifconfig.8	Sat Mar 19 00:34:12 2011	(r219765)
+++ stable/7/sbin/ifconfig/ifconfig.8	Sat Mar 19 00:35:11 2011	(r219766)
@@ -1946,6 +1946,10 @@ Create the software network interface
 Destroy the software network interface
 .Li gif1 :
 .Dl # ifconfig gif1 destroy
+Scan for wireless networks using
+.Li ath0 :
+.Dl # ifconfig ath0 scan
 Messages indicating the specified interface does not exist, the
 requested address is unknown, or the user is not privileged and

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