svn commit: r216958 - stable/7/usr.bin/gcore

John Baldwin jhb at
Tue Jan 4 15:11:09 UTC 2011

Author: jhb
Date: Tue Jan  4 15:11:08 2011
New Revision: 216958

  MFC 216769:
  Start sentences on a new line to ease life for translators.  Tweak the
  wording in a few places.

Directory Properties:
  stable/7/usr.bin/gcore/   (props changed)

Modified: stable/7/usr.bin/gcore/gcore.1
--- stable/7/usr.bin/gcore/gcore.1	Tue Jan  4 15:09:42 2011	(r216957)
+++ stable/7/usr.bin/gcore/gcore.1	Tue Jan  4 15:11:08 2011	(r216958)
@@ -63,12 +63,13 @@ The following options are available:
 Write the core file to the specified file instead of
 .Dq Pa core.<pid> .
 .It Fl f
-Dumps all the available segments, excluding only the malformed ones and
-un-dumpable ones. Unlike the default invocation, it also dumps
-device- and sglist-mapped areas that may invalidate the state of
-some transactions. This flag must be used very carefully, when the
-behavior of the application is fully understood and the fallouts can
-be easily controlled.
+Dumps all available segments, excluding only malformed and undumpable segments.
+Unlike the default invocation, this flag dumps mappings of devices which
+may invalidate the state of device transactions or trigger other unexpected
+As a result, this flag should only be used when the behavior of the
+application and any devices it has mapped is fully understood and any side
+effects can be controlled or tolerated.
 .It Fl s
 Stop the process while gathering the core image, and resume it
 when done.
@@ -94,7 +95,7 @@ Because of the
 .Xr ptrace 2
-may not work with processes which are actively investigated with
+may not work with processes which are actively being investigated with
 .Xr truss 1
 .Xr gdb 1 .

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