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 <!ENTITY % release PUBLIC "-//FreeBSD//ENTITIES Release Specification//EN">
-<!-- Text constants which probably don't need to be changed.-->
-<!ENTITY % include.historic "IGNORE">
-<!ENTITY % no.include.historic "IGNORE">
@@ -20,16 +15,7 @@
-      <year>2000</year>
-      <year>2001</year>
-      <year>2002</year>
-      <year>2003</year>
-      <year>2004</year>
-      <year>2005</year>
-      <year>2006</year>
-      <year>2007</year>
-      <year>2008</year>
-      <year>2009</year>
+      <year>2011</year>
       <holder role="mailto:doc at">The &os; Documentation Project</holder>
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     <sect2 id="security">
       <title>Security Advisories</title>
-      <para></para>
+      <para>Problems described in the following security advisories have
+	been fixed.  For more information, consult the individual
+	advisories available from
+	<ulink url=""></ulink>.</para>
+      <informaltable frame="none" pgwide="1">
+	<tgroup cols="3">
+	  <colspec colwidth="1*">
+	  <colspec colwidth="1*">
+	  <colspec colwidth="3*">
+	    <thead>
+	      <row>
+		<entry>Advisory</entry>
+		<entry>Date</entry>
+		<entry>Topic</entry>
+	      </row>
+	    </thead>
+	    <tbody>
+	      <row>
+		<entry><ulink url=""
+			      >SA-10:08.bzip2</ulink></entry>
+		<entry>20&nbsp;September&nbsp;2010</entry>
+		<entry><para>Integer overflow in bzip2 decompression</para></entry>
+	      </row>
+	      <row>
+		<entry><ulink url=""
+			      >SA-10:09.pseudofs</ulink></entry>
+		<entry>10&nbsp;October&nbsp;2010</entry>
+		<entry><para>Spurious mutex unlock</para></entry>
+	      </row>
+	      <row>
+		<entry><ulink url=""
+			      >SA-10:10.openssl</ulink></entry>
+		<entry>29&nbsp;November&nbsp;2010</entry>
+		<entry><para>OpenSSL multiple vulnerabilities</para></entry>
+	      </row>
+	    </tbody>
+	</tgroup>
+      </informaltable>
     <sect2 id="kernel">
       <title>Kernel Changes</title>
-      <para></para>
-      <sect3 id="boot">
-	<title>Boot Loader Changes</title>
-	<para></para>
-      </sect3>
+      <para arch="sparc64">&os;/sparc64 now supports reservation-based
+	physical memory allocation which provides better
+	performance.</para>
+      <para arch="sparc64">&os;/sparc64 now supports UltraSPARC IV, IV+, and
+	SPARC64 V CPUs.</para>
+      <para>The &man.alq.9; support has been improved.  The
+	<function>alq_writen()</function> and
+	<function>alq_getn()</function> KPIs have been extended to
+	support variable length messages, which is enabled at ALQ
+	creation time depending on the arguments passed to
+	<function>alq_open()</function>.  Also, the
+	<literal>ALQ_NOACTIVATE</literal> and
+	<literal>ALQ_ORDERED</literal> flags have been added to allow
+	ALQ consumers to have more control over I/O scheduling and
+	resource acquisition respectively.  These extensions are fully
+	backward compatible.</para>
+      <para>The &man.alq.9; support is now provided as a kernel module
+	<filename>alq.ko</filename>.</para>
+      <para>The &os; &man.memguard.9; framework has been improved to
+	make it able to detect use-after-free of allocated memories
+	over a longer time.  For more details, see &man.memguard.9;
+	manual page.</para>
+      <para revision="213554,213556,213560">The following
+	&man.sysctl.8; variables have been added:
+	<varname>vm.kmem_map_size</varname> for the current kmem map
+	size and <varname>vm.kmem_map_free</varname> for largest
+	contiguous free range in kmem map.</para>
       <sect3 id="proc">
 	<title>Hardware Support</title>
+      	<para arch="amd64,i386">The &man.ichwd.4; driver now supports
+          Intel NM10 Express chipset watchdog timer.</para>
+	<para arch="amd64,i386">The qpi(4) pseudo bus driver has been
+	  added.  This supports extra PCI buses on Intel QPI chipsets
+	  where various hardware such as memory controllers for each
+	  socket is connected.</para>
 	<sect4 id="mm">
 	  <title>Multimedia Support</title>
-	  <para></para>
+	  <para>The &; driver has been updated.  LCD
+	    brightness control notify handler has been
+	    implemented.</para>
+          <para>The &; helper driver now supports
+	    default display brightness, wired LAN power, and bass
+	    gain.</para>
 	<sect4 id="net-if">
 	  <title>Network Interface Support</title>
-	  <para></para>
+	  <para>The &man.alc.4; driver now supports Atheros
+	    AR8151/AR8152 PCIe Gigabit/Fast Ethernet
+	    controllers.</para>
+	  <para>The TX interrupt moderation timer in
+	    the &man.alc.4; driver has been reduced from 50ms to 1ms.
+	    The 50ms timer resulted in a poor UDP performance.</para>
+	  <para>The &man.bge.4; driver now supports
+	    BCM5718 x2 PCI Express dual-port gigabit Ethernet
+	    controller family.  This family is the successor to the
+	    BCM5714/BCM5715 family and supports IPv4/IPv6 checksum
+	    offloading, TSO, VLAN hardware tagging, jumbo frames,
+	    MSI/MSIX, IOV, RSS and TSS.  The current version of the
+	    driver supports all hardware features except IOV and
+	    RSS/TSS.</para>
+	  <para>The &man.bge.4; driver now supports hardware MAC
+	    statistics in controller's internal memory for BCM5705 or
+	    newer Broadcom controllers.  These counters can be
+	    accessed via &man.sysctl.8; variable
+	    <varname>dev.bge.<replaceable>N</replaceable>.stats.*</varname>
+	    and provide useful information to diagnose driver
+	    issues.</para>
+          <para>A long-standing bug of ASF heartbeat sending in the
+	    &man.bge.4; driver has been fixed.</para>
+	  <para>UDP checksum offloading in the
+	    &man.bge.4; driver has been disabled by default.  This is
+	    because Broadcom controllers have a bug which can generate
+	    UDP datagrams with checksum value <literal>0</literal>
+	    when TX UDP checksum offloading is enabled.  The checksum
+	    offloading can be enabled by using the following loader
+	    tunable:</para>
+	  <programlisting>dev.bge.<replaceable>N</replaceable>.forced_udpcsum</programlisting>
+	  <para>A bug in the &man.bge.4; driver which prevented TSO
+            from working in BCM57780 has been fixed.</para>
+	  <para>A bug in the &man.bge.4; driver that
+	    could lead to poor performance on a system with more than
+	    4 GB RAM has been fixed.  The cause was that all of
+	    Broadcom controllers except the BCM5755 and later have a
+	    bug in 4 GB-boundary DMA processing and used the bounce
+	    buffer in an inefficient way.</para>
+          <para>The &man.cxgb.4; driver now supports hardware
+	    filtering based on inspection of L2/L3/L4 headers.
+	    Filtering based on source IP address, destination IP
+	    address, source port number, destination port number,
+	    802.1q VLAN frame tag, UDP, TCP, and MAC address is
+	    possible.  The configuration can be done by the
+	    cxgbtool(8) utility.  Note that cxgbtool(8) is in
+	    <filename>src/usr.sbin/cxgbtool</filename> but not
+	    compiled by default.</para>
+          <para>The &man.em.4; driver has been updated to version
+	    7.1.9.</para>
+	  <para>The &man.em.4; and &man.igb.4; drivers now provide
+	    statistics counters as &man.sysctl.8; MIB objects.</para>
+	  <para>The &man.fxp.4; driver now exports the hardware MAC
+	    statistics via &man.sysctl.8; variables.</para>
+	  <para>The &man.fxp.4; driver now supports
+	    TSO over VLAN on i82550 and i82551 controllers.</para>
+          <para>The &man.igb.4; driver has been updated to version
+	    2.0.7.</para>
+	  <para>The &man.miibus.4; has been rewritten for the generic
+	    IEEE 802.3 annex 31B full duplex flow control support.
+	    The &man.alc.4;, &man.bge.4;, &man.bce.4;, &man.cas.4;,
+	    &man.fxp.4;, &man.gem.4;, &man.jme.4;, &man.msk.4;,
+	    &man.nfe.4;, &;, &man.stge.4;, and &man.xl.4;
+	    drivers along with atphy(4), bmtphy(4), brgphy(4),
+	    e1000phy(4), gentbi(4), inphy(4), ip1000phy(4), jmphy(4),
+	    nsgphy(4), nsphyter(4), and &man.rgephy.4; have been
+	    updated to support flow control via this facility.</para>
+          <para>The &man.msk.4; driver has been improved:</para>
+	  <itemizedlist>
+ 	    <listitem>
+	      <para>It now supports 88E8059 (Marvell Yukon Optima) devices.</para>
+	    </listitem>
+	    <listitem>
+	      <para>A rudimentary interrupt moderation with
+		programmable countdown timer register has been
+		implemented.  The default parameter of the holdoff
+		time is 100us and this can be changed via sysctl
+		variable
+		<varname>dev.mskc.<replaceable>0</replaceable>.int_holdoff</varname>.
+		Note that the interrupt moderation is shared resource
+		on a dual-port controllers and it is impossible to use
+		separate interrupt moderation values for each
+		port.</para>
+	    </listitem>
+	  </itemizedlist>
+	  <para>A bug in the &man.mxge.4; driver that prevented TSO
+	    from working has been fixed.</para>
+	  <para>The &man.nfe.4; driver now supports WoL (Wake on
+	    LAN).</para>
+          <para>The &; driver now uses <literal>2048</literal>
+	    as PCIe Maximum Read Request Size.  This improves bulk
+	    transfer performance.</para>
+	  <para>The &; driver now supports 64-bit DMA
+	    addressing for RTL810xE/RTL8168/RTL8111 PCIe
+	    controllers.</para>
+	  <para>The &; driver now supports hardware interrupt
+	    moderation of TX completion interrupts on RTL8169/RTL8168
+	    controllers.</parabolist>
+	  <para>The &man.rl.4; driver now supports WoL (Wake on LAN)
+            on RTL8139B or newer controllers.</para>
+	  <para>The &man.rl.4; driver now supports a device hint to
+	    change a way of register access.  Although some newer
+	    RTL8139 controllers support memory-mapped register access,
+	    it is difficult to detect the support automatically.  For
+	    this reason the driver uses I/O mapping by default and
+	    provides the following device hint.  If it is set to
+	    <literal>0</literal>, the driver uses memory mapping for
+	    register access.</para>
+	  <programlisting>hint.rl.<replaceable>N</replaceable>.prefer_iomap="0"</programlisting>
+	  <para>Note that the default value is <literal>1</literal>.</para>
+	  <para>The &man.rl.4; driver has improved interrupt handling.
+	    It now has better TX performance under high RX
+	    load.</para>
+	  <para>The &; driver now disables TX checksum
+            offloading by default.  This is because some revisions of
+            the Yukon controller generate corrupted frames.  The
+            checksum offloading can be enabled manually by using
+            <option>txcsum</option> option in the &man.ifconfig.8;
+            utility.</para>
+	  <para>A bug in the &; driver has been fixed.  It did
+	    not program the station address for Yukon controllers and
+	    overriding the station address with &man.ifconfig.8; was
+	    not possible.</para>
+          <para>The &man.sge.4; driver for Silicon Integrated Systems
+	    SiS190/191 Fast/Gigabit Ethernet has been added.  This
+	    supports TSO and TSO over VLAN.</para>
+	  <para>The &man.sis.4; driver now supports WoL (Wake on LAN)
+	    on NS DP8315 controller.</para>
+	  <para>A tunable
+	    <varname>dev.sis.<replaceable>N</replaceable>.manual_pad</varname>
+	    for the &man.sis.4; driver has been added.  This controls
+	    whether padding with 0x00 for short frames is done by CPU,
+	    rather than the controller.  The reason why this tunable
+	    has been added is that NS DP83815/DP83816 pads them with
+	    0xff though RFC 1042 specifies it should be 0x00.  The
+	    tunable is disabled by default, which means padding with
+	    0xff is used because padding with 0x00 by software needs
+	    extra CPU cycles.  Enabling <varname>manual_pad</varname>,
+	    by setting this &man.sysctl.8; variable to a non-zero
+	    value, forces the use of software padding.</para>
+         <para>The &man.ste.4; driver now supports a device hint to
+            change the device register access mode.  The driver uses
+            memory-mapped register access by default, but this caused
+            stability problems with some old IC Plus Corp (formerly
+            Sundace) controllers.  The following device hint makes the
+            driver use I/O mapping for register access:</para>
+          <programlisting>hint.ste.<replaceable>N</replaceable>.prefer_iomap="1"</programlisting>
+	  <para>The &man.xl.4; driver now supports WoL (Wake on LAN).
+	    Note that not all controllers support this functionality
+	    and some need an additional remote wakeup cable.</para>
       <sect3 id="net-proto">
 	<title>Network Protocols</title>
-	<para></para>
+        <para>An issue in the &man.carp.4; pseudo interface and
+          linkstate changes of the underlying interfaces has been
+          fixed.  This happened when a &man.carp.4; interface was
+          created before the underlying interface and its linkstate
+          became <literal>UP</literal>.</para>
+	<para>A new loader tunable
+	  <varname></varname> has been added.  It
+	  specifies the default value of send interface queue length.
+	  The default value for this parameter is
+	  <varname>50</varname>.</para>
+	<para>The &os; NFS subsystem now supports a timeout for the
+	  negative name cache entries in the client.  This avoids a
+	  bogus negative name cache entry from persisting forever when
+	  another client creates an entry with the same name within
+	  the same NFS server time of day clock tick.  A system-wide
+	  &man.sysctl.8; sysctl variable
+	  <varname>vfs.nfs.negative_name_timeout</varname> can be used
+	  to adjust the timeout.  Setting this variable to
+	  <literal>0</literal> disables negative name caching.</para>
+	<para>A new &man.netgraph.4; node &; has been
+          added.  This performs data modification of packets passing
+          through.  Modifications are restricted to a subset of C
+          language operations on unsigned integers of 8, 16, 32 or
+          64-bit size.</para>
+	<para>The TCP initial window increase in RFC 3390 which can be
+          controlled by a &man.sysctl.8; variable
+          <varname>net.inet.tcp.rfc3390</varname> now reduces the
+          congestion window to the restart window if a TCP connection
+          has been idle for one retransmit timeout or more.  For more
+          details, see RFC 5681 Section 4.1.</para>
+	<para>A bug in &os; TCP Path MTU discovery which could lead to
+          a wrong calculation for an MTU smaller than 256 octets has
+          been fixed.  Note that this bug did not affect MTUs equal to
+          or larger than 256 octets.</para>
+	<para>The &man.siftr.4;, Statistical
+	  Information For TCP Research (SIFTR) kernel module has been
+	  added.  This is a facility that logs a range of statistics
+	  on active TCP connections to a log file.  It provides the
+	  ability to make highly granular measurements of TCP
+	  connection state, aimed at system administrators, developers
+	  and researchers.</para>
+	<para>The &os; TCP reassembly implementation has been
+	  improved.  A long-standing accounting bug affecting SMP
+	  systems has been fixed and the
+	  <varname>net.inet.tcp.reass.maxqlen</varname> &man.sysctl.8;
+	  variable has been retired in favor of a per-connection
+	  dynamic limit based on the receive socket buffer size.  &os;
+	  receivers now handle packet loss (particularly losses caused
+	  by queue overflows) significantly better than before which
+	  improves connection throughput.</para>
+	<para>The &man.tun.4; pseudo interface driver now supports
+	  explicit UP/DOWN linkstate.</para>
+        <para>The &man.vlan.4; pseudo interface now supports TSO (TCP
+	  Segmentation Offloading).  The capability flag is named as
+	  <varname>IFCAP_VLAN_HWTSO</varname> and it is separated from
+	  <varname>IFCAP_VLAN_HWTAGGING</varname>.  The &man.age.4;,
+	  &man.alc.4;, &man.ale.4;, &man.bce.4;, &man.bge.4;,
+	  &man.cxgb.4;, &man.jme.4;, &;, and &man.mxge.4;
+	  driver support this feature.</para>
       <sect3 id="disks">
 	<title>Disks and Storage</title>
-	<para></para>
+	<para>The &man.arcmsr.4; driver has been updated to version
+	<para>The &man.ata.4; driver now supports
+	  <literal>spindown</literal> facility of ATA disks.  The
+	  &man.atacontrol.8; utility has a new subcommand
+	  <command>spindown</command> to support this from
+	  userland.</para>
+	<para>The &man.gconcat.8; GEOM class now supports kernel crash
+	  dump.  The dumping is performed to the component where a
+	  dump partition begins.</para>
+	<para>The &man.gmultipath.8; utility now supports
+	  <command>destroy</command>, <command>rotate</command>,
+	  <command>getactive</command> commands.</para>
+	<para>The &man.ispfw.4;, the firmware for &man.isp.4; driver
+	  has been added.</para>
+        <para>The &man.twa.4; driver has been updated.  The version
+          number is</para>
       <sect3 id="fs">
 	<title>File Systems</title>
-	<para>ZFS has been updated from version 6 to version 13.
-	  This update includes numerous new ZFS features, such as
-	  permitting non-<username>root</username> users to perform
-	  some administrative functions, supporting additional disks
-	  for caching or the ZFS Intent Log, and partial &man.chflags.2;
-	  support.  It also includes some &os;-specific additions,
-	  such as booting from ZFS file systems, removal of ARC
-	  size limitations, ARC backpressure (which allows ZFS to work
-	  without tunables on &arch.amd64;), and many bugfixes.</para>
+	<para>The inode number handling in &man.ffs.7; file system is
+	  now unsigned.  Previously some large inode numbers can be
+	  treated as negative, and this issue shows up at file systems
+	  with the size of more than 16Tb in 16k block case.  The
+	  &man.newfs.8; utility never create a file system with more
+	  than 2^32 inodes by cutting back on the number of inodes per
+	  cylinder group if necessary to stay under the limit.</para>
+	<para>A possible deadlock of <command>zfs receive</command>
+		has been fixed.</para>
     <sect2 id="userland">
       <title>Userland Changes</title>
-      <para></para>
+      <para>The &man.arp.8; utility has been improved.  It now runs
+        faster even when a single interface has a number of
+        aliases.</para>
+      <para>A bug in the &man.b64decode.1; utility that prevented an
+	<option>-r</option> option from handling arbitrary breaks in a
+	base64 encoded string has been fixed.</para>
+      <para>The &man.chgrp.1; and &man.chown.8; now support a
+	<option>-x</option> flag to make it not traverse across
+	multiple mount points for the recursive operation.</para>
+      <para>The &man.cp.1; now supports a <option>-x</option> flag to
+	make it not traverse across multiple mount points for the
+	recursive operation.</para>
+      <para>The &man.dhclient.8; utility now reports a reason for
+        exiting and the 10-second period in which the &man.dhclient.8;
+        ignores routing messages has been changed to start just after
+        <filename>dhclient-script</filename> starts instead of just
+        after it finished.  This change fixes a symptom that
+        &man.dhclient.8; silently exits under a certain
+        condition.</para>
+      <para>A bug in &man.find.1; utility has been fixed.  An option
+	<option>-newerXB</option> was interpreted as the same as
+	<option>-newerXm</option>.</para>
+      <para>The &man.tftp.1; and &man.tftpd.8; utilities have been
+	improved for better interoperability and they now support RFC
+	1350, 2347, 2348, 2349, and 3617.</para>
+      <para>An accuracy issue in the &man.jn.3; and &man.jnf.3;
+	functions in <filename>libm</filename> has been fixed.</para>
+      <para>The &man.indent.1; utility now supports a
+	<option>-ta</option> flag to treat all
+	<literal>_t</literal>-suffixed identifiers as types.</para>
+      <para>The <option>-p</option> option in the &man.mount.8;
+	utility now displays the <literal>rw</literal> mount option
+	correctly as in the &man.fstab.5; format.</para>
+      <para>The &man.ncal.1; utility has been updated.  The option
+	<option>-b</option> has been replaced with <option>-C</option>
+	and <option>-B <replaceable>number</replaceable></option>.
+	Options <option>-3</option> to show previous, current and next
+	month, and <option>-A
+	<replaceable>number</replaceable></option> to show months
+	after current month have been added.  The option <option>-m
+	<replaceable>N</replaceable>
+	<replaceable>YYYY</replaceable></option> now prints only the
+	month, not the whole year.</para>
+      <para>An issue in the &man.newfs.8; utility has been fixed.  A
+	UFS1 file system created with 64KB blocksize was incorrectly
+	recognized as one with a broken superblock.  This is because
+	the &os; kernel checks a partition first for a UFS2 superblock
+	at 64KB offset while it is possible that a UFS1 file systems
+	with 64KB blocksize has an alternative superblock at the same
+	location.  For example, a file system created by
+	<command>newfs -U -O 1 -b 65536 -f 8192</command> could lead
+	to this symptom.</para>
+      <para>The &man.newsyslog.8; utility does not consider
+	non-existence of a PID file as an error now.  A new flag
+	<option>-P</option> reverts it to the old behavior.</para>
+      <para>The &man.newsyslog.8; utility now supports an <option>-S
+        <replaceable>pidfile</replaceable></option> option to override
+        the default &man.syslogd.8; PID file.</para>
+      <para>The &man.pmcstat.8; utility now supports a file and a
+        network socket as a top source.  A new option <option>-O
+        <replaceable>filename</replaceable></option> specifies to send
+        log output to <replaceable>filename</replaceable>, and another
+        new option <option>-R
+        <replaceable>filename</replaceable></option> specifies to
+        receive events from <replaceable>filename</replaceable>.  For
+        a socket, the <replaceable>filename</replaceable> is in a form
+        of <replaceable>ipaddr:port</replaceable>.  This allows top
+        monitoring over TCP on a system with no local symbols, for
+        example.</para>
+      <para>The &man.powerd.8; utility now supports an <option>-m
+	<replaceable>freq</replaceable></option> and <option>-M
+	<replaceable>freq</replaceable></option> to control the
+	minimum and maximum frequency, respectively.</para>
+      <para>The &man.ruptime.1; utility now displays hostnames longer
+	than 12 characters.</para>
+      <para>The &man.stat.1; utility now supports
+	<literal>%Sf</literal> output specifier to display the file
+	flags symbolically.</para>
+      <para>The &man.sysctl.8; utility now supports a
+	<option>-i</option> flag to ignore failures while retrieving
+	individual OIDs.  This allows the same list of OIDs to be
+	passed to &man.sysctl.8; across different systems where
+	particular OIDs may not exist, and still get as much
+	information as possible from them.</para>
       <sect3 id="rc-scripts">
 	<title><filename>/etc/rc.d</filename> Scripts</title>
-	<para></para>
+        <para>The &man.rc.conf.5; now supports a
+	  <varname>firewall_coscripts</varname> variable.  This should
+	  contain a list of commands which should be executed after
+	  firewall starts or stops.</para>
+        <para>The <filename>rc.d/tmp</filename> script now uses a
+	  unique directory name prefixed with
+	  <filename>/tmp/.diskless</filename> instead of
+	  <filename>/tmp/.diskless</filename> itself.  This fixes an
+	  issue when <filename>/tmp/.diskless</filename> exists before
+	  the script runs.</para>
     <sect2 id="contrib">
       <title>Contributed Software</title>
-      <para><application>sendmail</application> has been updated from
-        version 8.14.3 to version 8.14.4.</para>
-    </sect2>
+      <para><application>ISC BIND</application> has been updated to
+	version 9.4-ESV-R4.</para>
-    <sect2 id="ports">
-      <title>Ports/Packages Collection Infrastructure</title>
+      <para>The GNU &man.cpio.1; program has been updated to version
+	2.8.</para>
-      <para></para>
+      <para>The &man.less.1; program has been updated to version
+	v436.</para>
-    </sect2>
+      <para>The <application>netcat</application> program has been
+	updated to version 4.8.</para>
-    <sect2 id="releng">
-      <title>Release Engineering and Integration</title>
+      <para><application>OpenSSL</application> has been updated to
+	version 0.9.8q.</para>
+      <para>The &man.tcsh.1; program has been updated to version
+	6.17.00.</para>
-      <para></para>
+      <para>The timezone database has been updated to the
+	<application>tzdata2010o</application> release.</para>
-    <sect2 id="doc">
-      <title>Documentation</title>
+    <sect2 id="releng">
+      <title>Release Engineering and Integration</title>
-      <para></para>
+      <para>The &man.sysinstall.8; utility now uses the following
+        numbers for default and minimum partition sizes: 1GB for
+        <filename>/</filename>, 4GB for <filename>/var</filename>, and
+        1GB for <filename>/tmp</filename>.</para>
+      <para>The supported version of the
+	<application>GNOME</application> desktop environment
+	(<filename role="package">x11/gnome2</filename>) has been
+	updated to 2.32.1.</para>
+      <para>The supported version of the
+	<application>KDE</application> desktop environment (<filename
+	role="package">x11/kde4</filename>) has been updated to
+	4.5.5.</para>

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