svn commit: r214244 - stable/7/bin/sh

Jilles Tjoelker jilles at
Sat Oct 23 14:16:33 UTC 2010

Author: jilles
Date: Sat Oct 23 14:16:33 2010
New Revision: 214244

  MFC r213926: sh(1): Clarify subshells/processes for pipelines.
  For multi-command pipelines,
  1. all commands are direct children of the shell (unlike the original
     Bourne shell)
  2. all commands are executed in a subshell (unlike the real Korn shell)

Directory Properties:
  stable/7/bin/sh/   (props changed)

Modified: stable/7/bin/sh/sh.1
--- stable/7/bin/sh/sh.1	Sat Oct 23 14:15:10 2010	(r214243)
+++ stable/7/bin/sh/sh.1	Sat Oct 23 14:16:33 2010	(r214244)
@@ -32,7 +32,7 @@
 .\"	from: @(#)sh.1	8.6 (Berkeley) 5/4/95
 .\" $FreeBSD$
-.Dd September 10, 2010
+.Dd October 16, 2010
 .Dt SH 1
@@ -726,6 +726,13 @@ both of a command is considered to be as
 pipeline before any redirection specified by redirection
 operators that are part of the command.
+Note that unlike some other shells,
+executes each process in a pipeline with more than one command
+in a subshell environment and as a child of the
 If the pipeline is not in the background (discussed later),
 the shell waits for all commands to complete.
@@ -763,15 +770,6 @@ to be executed sequentially;
 .Ql &
 causes asynchronous execution of the preceding AND-OR-list.
-Note that unlike some other shells,
-executes each process in the pipeline as a child of the
-Shell built-in commands are the exception to this rule.
-They are executed in the current shell, although they do not affect its
-environment when used in pipelines.
 .Ss Background Commands (&)
 If a command is terminated by the control operator ampersand
 .Pq Ql & ,

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