svn commit: r214240 - stable/7/bin/sh

Jilles Tjoelker jilles at
Sat Oct 23 13:57:26 UTC 2010

Author: jilles
Date: Sat Oct 23 13:57:26 2010
New Revision: 214240

  MFC r197848: Clarify quoting of word in ${v=word} in sh(1).

Directory Properties:
  stable/7/bin/sh/   (props changed)

Modified: stable/7/bin/sh/sh.1
--- stable/7/bin/sh/sh.1	Sat Oct 23 13:36:09 2010	(r214239)
+++ stable/7/bin/sh/sh.1	Sat Oct 23 13:57:26 2010	(r214240)
@@ -1221,6 +1221,9 @@ In all cases, the
 final value of
 .Ar parameter
 is substituted.
+Quoting inside
+.Ar word
+does not prevent field splitting or pathname expansion.
 Only variables, not positional
 parameters or special parameters, can be
 assigned in this way.

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