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  MFC 215334:
  Remove references to MAKEDEV(8)

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+++ stable/7/share/doc/papers/jail/	Mon Nov 22 00:44:43 2010	(r215648)
@@ -56,8 +56,6 @@ FreeBSD build environment.
 One notable difference from the default FreeBSD install is that only
 a limited set of device nodes should be created.
-MAKEDEV(8) has been modified to accept a ``jail'' argument that creates
-the correct set of nodes. 
 To improve storage efficiency, a fair number of the binaries in the system tree
 may be deleted, as they are not relevant in a jail environment.

Modified: stable/7/share/doc/smm/01.setup/2.t
--- stable/7/share/doc/smm/01.setup/2.t	Mon Nov 22 00:31:52 2010	(r215647)
+++ stable/7/share/doc/smm/01.setup/2.t	Mon Nov 22 00:44:43 2010	(r215648)
@@ -482,13 +482,7 @@ lw(2i) l.
 \fB#\fP \fImount_mfs -s 1000 -T type /dev/null /tmp\fP	(create a writable filesystem)
 (\fItype\fP is the disk type as determined from /etc/disktab)
 \fB#\fP \fIcd /tmp\fP	(connect to that directory)
-\fB#\fP \fI../dev/MAKEDEV \*(Dk#\fP	(create special files for root disk)
-(\fI\*(Dk\fP is the disk type, \fI#\fP is the unit number)
-(ignore warning from ``sh'')
 \fB#\fP \fImount \-uw /tmp/\*(Dk#a /\fP	(read-write mount root filesystem)
-\fB#\fP \fIcd /dev\fP	(go to device directory)
-\fB#\fP \fI./MAKEDEV \*(Dk#\fP	(create permanent special files for root disk)
-(again, ignore warning from ``sh'')
 .Sh 4 "Step 4: (optional) restoring the root filesystem"
@@ -513,8 +507,6 @@ To really create the root filesystem on 
 you should first label the disk as described in step 5 below.
 Then run the following commands:
-\fB#\fP \fIcd /dev\fP
-\fB#\fP \fI./MAKEDEV \*(Dk1a\fP
 \fB#\fP\|\fInewfs /dev/r\*(Dk1a\fP
 \fB#\fP\|\fImount /dev/\*(Dk1a /mnt\fP
 \fB#\fP\|\fIcd /mnt\fP
@@ -1393,8 +1385,6 @@ To make the
 .Pn /var
 filesystem we would do:
-\fB#\fP \fIcd /dev\fP
-\fB#\fP \fIMAKEDEV \*(Dk1\fP
 \fB#\fP \fIdisklabel -wr \*(Dk1 "disk type" "disk name"\fP
 \fB#\fP \fInewfs \*(Dk1f\fP
 (information about filesystem prints out)

Modified: stable/7/share/doc/smm/01.setup/4.t
--- stable/7/share/doc/smm/01.setup/4.t	Mon Nov 22 00:31:52 2010	(r215647)
+++ stable/7/share/doc/smm/01.setup/4.t	Mon Nov 22 00:44:43 2010	(r215648)
@@ -30,6 +30,7 @@
 .\"	@(#)4.t	8.1 (Berkeley) 7/29/93
+.\" $FreeBSD$
 .ds LH "Installing/Operating \*(4B
 .ds CF \*(Dy
@@ -152,38 +153,11 @@ directory.
 For all the devices supported by the distribution system, the
 files in
 .Pn /dev
-are created by the
-.Pn /dev/MAKEDEV
-shell script.
+are created by devfs.
 Determine the set of devices that you have and create a new
 .Pn /dev
-directory by running the MAKEDEV script.
-First create a new directory
-.Pn /newdev ,
-copy MAKEDEV into it, edit the file MAKEDEV.local
-to provide an entry for local needs,
-and run it to generate a
-.Pn /newdev directory.
-For instance,
-\fB#\fP \fIcd /\fP
-\fB#\fP \fImkdir newdev\fP
-\fB#\fP \fIcp dev/MAKEDEV newdev/MAKEDEV\fP
-\fB#\fP \fIcd newdev\fP
-\fB#\fP \fIMAKEDEV \*(Dk0 pt0 std LOCAL\fP
-Note the ``std'' argument causes standard devices such as
-.Pn /dev/console ,
-the machine console, to be created.
-You can then do
-\fB#\fP \fIcd /\fP
-\fB#\fP \fImv dev olddev ; mv newdev dev\fP
-\fB#\fP \fIsync\fP
-to install the new device directory.
+directory by mounting devfs.
 .Sh 3 "Building new system images"
 The kernel configuration of each UNIX system is described by
@@ -232,8 +206,8 @@ the file
 must be edited.
 To add a new terminal device, be sure the device is configured into the system
-and that the special files for the device have been made by
-.Pn /dev/MAKEDEV .
+and that the special files for the device exist in
+.Pn /dev .
 Then, enable the appropriate lines of
 .Pn /etc/ttys
 by setting the ``status''
@@ -335,9 +309,6 @@ Finally note that you should change the 
 terminals to ttyd?
 where ? is in [0-9a-zA-Z], as some programs use this property of the
 names to determine if a terminal is a dialup.
-Shell commands to do this should be put in the
-.Pn /dev/MAKEDEV.local
 While it is possible to use truly arbitrary strings for terminal names,
 the accounting and noticeably the

Modified: stable/7/share/doc/smm/01.setup/5.t
--- stable/7/share/doc/smm/01.setup/5.t	Mon Nov 22 00:31:52 2010	(r215647)
+++ stable/7/share/doc/smm/01.setup/5.t	Mon Nov 22 00:44:43 2010	(r215648)
@@ -30,6 +30,7 @@
 .\"	@(#)5.t	8.1 (Berkeley) 7/27/93
+.\" $FreeBSD$
 .ds lq ``
 .ds rq ''
@@ -111,35 +112,6 @@ translations for machines that do not pa
 Additional information is provided in the manual page describing
 .Xr ESIS (4).
-To use the pseudo terminals just configured, device
-entries must be created in the
-.Pn /dev
-directory.  To create 32
-pseudo terminals (plenty, unless you have a heavy network load)
-execute the following commands.
-\fB#\fP \fIcd /dev\fP
-\fB#\fP \fIMAKEDEV pty0 pty1\fP
-More pseudo terminals may be made by specifying
-.Pn pty2 ,
-.Pn pty3 ,
-etc.  The kernel normally includes support for 32 pseudo terminals
-unless the configuration file specifies a different number.
-Each pseudo terminal really consists of two files in
-.Pn /dev :
-a master and a slave.  The master pseudo terminal file is named
-.Pn /dev/ptyp? ,
-while the slave side is
-.Pn /dev/ttyp? .
-Pseudo terminals are also used by several programs not related to the network.
-In addition to creating the pseudo terminals,
-be sure to install them in the
-.Pn /etc/ttys
-file (with a `none' in the second column so no
-.Xr getty
-is started).
 .Sh 2 "Local subnets"
 In \*(4B the Internet support

Modified: stable/7/share/doc/smm/01.setup/spell.ok
--- stable/7/share/doc/smm/01.setup/spell.ok	Mon Nov 22 00:31:52 2010	(r215647)
+++ stable/7/share/doc/smm/01.setup/spell.ok	Mon Nov 22 00:44:43 2010	(r215648)
@@ -1,3 +1,4 @@
+# $FreeBSD$
@@ -91,7 +92,6 @@ LK201

Modified: stable/7/share/man/man8/Makefile
--- stable/7/share/man/man8/Makefile	Mon Nov 22 00:31:52 2010	(r215647)
+++ stable/7/share/man/man8/Makefile	Mon Nov 22 00:44:43 2010	(r215648)
@@ -4,7 +4,6 @@
 MAN=	crash.8 \
 	diskless.8 \
 	intro.8 \
 	nanobsd.8 \
 	picobsd.8 \
 	rc.8 \

Modified: stable/7/sys/dev/firewire/00README
--- stable/7/sys/dev/firewire/00README	Mon Nov 22 00:31:52 2010	(r215647)
+++ stable/7/sys/dev/firewire/00README	Mon Nov 22 00:44:43 2010	(r215648)
@@ -44,10 +44,6 @@ IEEE 1394 support for FreeBSD-5.X and 4.
 	- make install
 	- make load
-	For FreeBSD-4 user:
 3. SBP-II support (sbp)
 	- You need CAM(SCSI) support in your kernel.

Modified: stable/7/sys/dev/tdfx/tdfx_pci.c
--- stable/7/sys/dev/tdfx/tdfx_pci.c	Mon Nov 22 00:31:52 2010	(r215647)
+++ stable/7/sys/dev/tdfx/tdfx_pci.c	Mon Nov 22 00:44:43 2010	(r215648)
@@ -250,7 +250,7 @@ tdfx_attach(device_t dev) { 
 	 * make_dev registers the cdev to access the 3dfx card from /dev
 	 *	use hex here for the dev num, simply to provide better support if > 10
-	 * voodoo cards, for the mad. The user must set the link, or use MAKEDEV.
+	 * voodoo cards, for the mad. The user must set the link.
 	 * Why would we want that many voodoo cards anyhow? 
 	tdfx_info->devt = make_dev(&tdfx_cdev, device_get_unit(dev),

Modified: stable/7/usr.sbin/config/SMM.doc/6.t
--- stable/7/usr.sbin/config/SMM.doc/6.t	Mon Nov 22 00:31:52 2010	(r215647)
+++ stable/7/usr.sbin/config/SMM.doc/6.t	Mon Nov 22 00:44:43 2010	(r215648)
@@ -30,6 +30,7 @@
 .\"	@(#)6.t	8.1 (Berkeley) 6/8/93
+.\" $FreeBSD$
 .\".ds RH "Adding New Devices
 .ne 2i
@@ -230,10 +231,3 @@ Remember that the position in the
 device table specifies the major device number.
 The block major number is needed in the ``devices.machine'' file
 if the device is a disk.
-With the configuration information in place, your configuration
-file appropriately modified, and a system reconfigured and rebooted
-you should incorporate the shell commands needed to install the special
-files in the file system to the file ``/dev/MAKEDEV'' or
-``/dev/MAKEDEV.local''.  This is discussed in the document ``Installing
-and Operating 4.4BSD''.

Modified: stable/7/usr.sbin/config/SMM.doc/spell.ok
--- stable/7/usr.sbin/config/SMM.doc/spell.ok	Mon Nov 22 00:31:52 2010	(r215647)
+++ stable/7/usr.sbin/config/SMM.doc/spell.ok	Mon Nov 22 00:44:43 2010	(r215648)
@@ -1,3 +1,4 @@
+# $FreeBSD$
@@ -38,8 +39,6 @@ Info

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