svn commit: r208366 - stable/7/lib/libc/gen

Gordon Tetlow gordon at
Thu May 20 23:06:53 UTC 2010

Author: gordon
Date: Thu May 20 23:06:53 2010
New Revision: 208366

  MFC r207981:
   Fix a bug due to a type conversion from 64 to 32 bits. The side effect of
   this type conversion is the high bits which were used to indicate if a
   special character was a literal or special were dropped. As a result, all
   special character were treated as special, even if they were supposed to
   be literals.
  Approved by:	mentor (wes@)

Directory Properties:
  stable/7/lib/libc/   (props changed)
  stable/7/lib/libc/stdtime/   (props changed)

Modified: stable/7/lib/libc/gen/glob.c
--- stable/7/lib/libc/gen/glob.c	Thu May 20 22:12:36 2010	(r208365)
+++ stable/7/lib/libc/gen/glob.c	Thu May 20 23:06:53 2010	(r208366)
@@ -433,9 +433,9 @@ static int
 glob0(const Char *pattern, glob_t *pglob, size_t *limit)
 	const Char *qpatnext;
-	int c, err;
+	int err;
 	size_t oldpathc;
-	Char *bufnext, patbuf[MAXPATHLEN];
+	Char *bufnext, c, patbuf[MAXPATHLEN];
 	qpatnext = globtilde(pattern, patbuf, MAXPATHLEN, pglob);
 	oldpathc = pglob->gl_pathc;

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