svn commit: r198551 - stable/7/share/man/man4

Christian Brueffer brueffer at
Wed Oct 28 17:41:29 UTC 2009

Author: brueffer
Date: Wed Oct 28 17:41:29 2009
New Revision: 198551

  MFC: r198313
  Improve the description of the malofw kernel module installation.

  stable/7/share/man/man4/   (props changed)

Modified: stable/7/share/man/man4/malo.4
--- stable/7/share/man/man4/malo.4	Wed Oct 28 17:03:20 2009	(r198550)
+++ stable/7/share/man/man4/malo.4	Wed Oct 28 17:41:29 2009	(r198551)
@@ -31,7 +31,7 @@
 .\" $FreeBSD$
-.Dd March 26, 2009
+.Dd October 21, 2009
 .Dt MALO 4
@@ -69,25 +69,21 @@ The
 driver provides support for Marvell Libertas 88W8335 based PCI
 network adapters.
-This driver requires firmware to be loaded before it will work.
-These firmware files are from the
-A package for the firmware which can be installed via
-.Xr pkg_add 1
-can be found at:
+This driver requires the
+.Nm malofw
+firmware kernel module be installed before it will work.
+The firmware files are not publicly available.
+A port of the firmware can be found at:
 .Bd -literal -offset indent
-This package must be installed before
-.Xr ifconfig 8
-will work.
-For more information on configuring this device, see
-.Xr ifconfig 8 .
+The firmware kernel module can be installed by extracting
+the archive and running
+.Ql make install clean
+in the
+.Pa malo-firmware-1.4
 The following cards are among those supported by the

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