svn commit: r192033 - stable/7/sys/dev/ata

Bruce Simpson bms at
Fri May 15 05:31:01 UTC 2009


Could this commit have broken boot on my amd64 system with an ULi SATA 

I have not fully bisected (and to be honest, who really has time to do 
this for production machines, unless

The panic I get with RELENG_7 sources as of yesterday after this commit 
is 'resource list busy'. If you need any more information let me know, I 
have transcribed the backtrace and posted it to stable at .


Alexander Motin wrote:
> Author: mav
> Date: Wed May 13 02:55:21 2009
> New Revision: 192033
> URL:
> Log:
>   Make vendor-specific drivers prefered over the generic AHCI one.
>   This fixes some controllers, like JMicron ones, which provide also PATA via
>   PCI function that declared as AHCI controller.
>   This is not an MFC, but the same was already done in 8-CURRENT in other way.
>   PR:		kern/132082
> ...

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