svn commit: r194565 - stable/7/share/termcap

Edwin Groothuis edwin at
Sun Jun 21 02:45:24 UTC 2009

Author: edwin
Date: Sun Jun 21 02:45:23 2009
New Revision: 194565

  MFC of 194146
  Add missing termcap entry for rxvt-unicode.
        The termcap database does not have an entry for rxvt-unicode.
        This means that programs that need an entry such as vi fail
        to work when connecting via ssh using this terminal emulator.
  The added data is not the same as the PR submitted by Richard, it
  uses the :tc=xxx: option to inherit everything from rxvt-mono.
  PR:		conf/117323
  Submitted by:	Richard Bradshaw <richard.bradshaw at>

  stable/7/share/termcap/   (props changed)

Modified: stable/7/share/termcap/termcap.src
--- stable/7/share/termcap/termcap.src	Sun Jun 21 01:54:47 2009	(r194564)
+++ stable/7/share/termcap/termcap.src	Sun Jun 21 02:45:23 2009	(r194565)
@@ -4547,6 +4547,12 @@ rxvt-mono|rxvt terminal emulator (monoch
+# Termcap entry for rxvt-unicode, taken from
+rxvt-unicode|rxvt-unicode terminal (X Window System):\
+	:SF=\E[%dS:SR=\E[%dT:bw:ec=\E[%dX:kb=\177:kd=\EOB:ke=\E[?1l\E>:\
+	:kl=\EOD:kr=\EOC:ks=\E[?1h\E=:ku=\EOA:lm#0:te=\E[r\E[?1049l:\
+	:ti=\E[?1049h:tc=rxvt-mono:
 rxvt|rxvt terminal emulator (X Window System):\

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