svn commit: r195829 - stable/7/sys/dev/usb

John Baldwin jhb at
Thu Jul 23 17:52:26 UTC 2009

On Thursday 23 July 2009 8:40:43 am Bruce Simpson wrote:
> Brian Somers wrote:
> > ...
> > brian at dev sys $ svn st
> >  M      .
> >  M      contrib/pf
> >
> > You should keep the mergeinfo on the sys directory, so the entire merge
> > should really have been done as with the above command but without
> > the --record-only - that would update the mergeinfo properties (as above)
> > and patch uipaq.c in one commit.
> >   
> Why would this commit update contrib/pf? This looks spurious.

This is a FAQ at this point and has been discussed multiple times in the 
archives, but it is correct.

> I got a lot more revisions than this (especially ones listed well after 
> the new USB merge) in the mergeinfo output, therefore I did not commit 
> the mergeinfo update. Too many to list here ATM.

That's because you merged to the file rather than to sys/.  There's a set of 
instructions about mergning with SVN on the wiki that explains why to do 
kernel merges to sys/ instead of individual files.

John Baldwin

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