svn commit: r195829 - stable/7/sys/dev/usb

Bruce Simpson bms at
Thu Jul 23 01:58:54 UTC 2009

Hi all,

    I haven't updated the mergeinfo for this file, as the USB stack in 
HEAD has been completely replaced with the new USB stack. If this is 
desired, please let me know how to proceed -- I'm new to mergeinfo.

    When I used the following command to try to maintain the mergeinfo 
information, I got a very large list of revisions, not all of which look 
as though they should be merged for this file:
    % svn merge --record-only -c182138 
$FSVN/head/sys/dev/usb/uipaq.c at 182138 uipaq.c

If I omit the @182138 from the above command, the resultant mergeinfo is 


P.S. I tested the code in this commit with an HP iPaq 2215 and it 
appears to work fine.

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