svn commit: r187391 - in stable/7/sys: . arm/at91 contrib/pf dev/ath/ath_hal dev/cxgb

Gavin Atkinson gavin at
Sun Jan 18 09:13:07 PST 2009

On Sun, 18 Jan 2009, Stanislav Sedov wrote:

> Author: stas
> Date: Sun Jan 18 12:28:45 2009
> New Revision: 187391
> URL:
> Log:
>  - Merge r182477:
>    Use random MAC address if none configured instead of failing.

Connected with this, I wonder if you could also merge r182524 and r182555? 
These changes fix up the merged comments, and make the random MAC address 
a locally assigned one, and not simply stolen from the range that Atmel 



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