svn commit: r191434 - stable/7/sys/net

Robert Watson rwatson at
Thu Apr 23 17:47:16 UTC 2009

Author: rwatson
Date: Thu Apr 23 17:47:15 2009
New Revision: 191434

  In sysctl_ifdata(), query the ifnet pointer using the index only
  once, rather than querying it, validating it, and then re-querying
  it without validating it.  This may avoid a NULL pointer
  dereference and resulting kernel page fault if an interface is
  being deleted while bsnmp or other tools are querying data on the
  The full fix, to properly refcount the interface for the duration
  of the sysctl, is in 8.x, but is considered too high-risk for
  7.2, so instead will appear in 7.3 (if all goes well).
  Reproted by:	mdtancsa
  Approved by:	re (kensmith)


Modified: stable/7/sys/net/if_mib.c
--- stable/7/sys/net/if_mib.c	Thu Apr 23 17:41:54 2009	(r191433)
+++ stable/7/sys/net/if_mib.c	Thu Apr 23 17:47:15 2009	(r191434)
@@ -82,11 +82,9 @@ sysctl_ifdata(SYSCTL_HANDLER_ARGS) /* XX
 		return EINVAL;
 	if (name[0] <= 0 || name[0] > if_index ||
-	    ifnet_byindex(name[0]) == NULL)
+	    (ifp = ifnet_byindex(name[0])) == NULL)
 		return ENOENT;
-	ifp = ifnet_byindex(name[0]);
 	switch(name[1]) {
 		return ENOENT;

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