svn commit: r187596 - stable/6/share/man/man7

Jens Schweikhardt schweikh at
Thu Jan 22 10:45:15 PST 2009

Author: schweikh
Date: Thu Jan 22 18:45:11 2009
New Revision: 187596

  MFC: Correct typo.
  PR:     docs/129820
  Submitted by:   Marius Korsmo <marius AT korsmo DOT org>


Modified: stable/6/share/man/man7/ports.7
--- stable/6/share/man/man7/ports.7	Thu Jan 22 18:43:46 2009	(r187595)
+++ stable/6/share/man/man7/ports.7	Thu Jan 22 18:45:11 2009	(r187596)
@@ -320,7 +320,7 @@ To find ports that contain
 in either of the name, path, info
 fields, ignore the rest of the record.
-By default the search is not case-nsensitive.
+By default the search is not case-sensitive.
 In order to make it case-sensitive you can use the
 .Va icase

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