svn commit: r187449 - stable/6/share/man/man4

Marius Strobl marius at
Mon Jan 19 13:43:50 PST 2009

Author: marius
Date: Mon Jan 19 21:43:48 2009
New Revision: 187449

  - MFC: 154328
    Add the HP NC7771 adapter to the list of known products.
  - MFC: 162584
    Add documentation on the new bge tunable.  Also put the tunable docs
    into a separate section.
  - MFC: 162825
  - MFC: 169881 (bge.4 part)
    Remove BCM5704S specific tunable (hw.bge.fake_autoneg) and auto-detect
    the condition.
  - MFC: 174903
    Mention support for the 5722 driver in bge.4 as well.
  - MFC: 187315
    Sync the description of jumbo frame support with reality as of r187310;
    it's also supported with BCM5702 (matched by BGE_ASICREV_BCM5703) but
    bge(4) currently doesn't with neither BCM5714 nor BCM5780.

  stable/6/share/man/man4/   (props changed)

Modified: stable/6/share/man/man4/bge.4
--- stable/6/share/man/man4/bge.4	Mon Jan 19 21:42:54 2009	(r187448)
+++ stable/6/share/man/man4/bge.4	Mon Jan 19 21:43:48 2009	(r187449)
@@ -31,12 +31,12 @@
 .\" $FreeBSD$
-.Dd January 30, 2007
+.Dd January 15, 2009
 .Dt BGE 4
 .Nm bge
-.Nd "Broadcom BCM570x/5714/5721/5750/5751/5752/5789 PCI Gigabit Ethernet adapter driver"
+.Nd "Broadcom BCM570x/5714/5721/5722/5750/5751/5752/5789 PCI Gigabit Ethernet adapter driver"
 To compile this driver into the kernel,
 place the following lines in your
@@ -56,7 +56,7 @@ if_bge_load="YES"
 driver provides support for various NICs based on the Broadcom BCM570x,
-5714, 5721, 5750, 5751, 5752 and 5789 families of Gigabit Ethernet
+5714, 5721, 5722, 5750, 5751, 5752 and 5789 families of Gigabit Ethernet
 controller chips.
 All of these NICs are capable of 10, 100 and 1000Mbps speeds over CAT5
@@ -82,7 +82,7 @@ copper gigabit transceivers,
 which support autonegotiation of 10, 100 and 1000Mbps modes in
 full or half duplex.
-The BCM5700, BCM5701, BCM5703, BCM5704, BCM5714 and BCM5780 also support
+The BCM5700, BCM5701, BCM5702, BCM5703 and BCM5704 also support
 jumbo frames, which can be configured
 via the interface MTU setting.
 Selecting an MTU larger than 1500 bytes with the
@@ -194,6 +194,8 @@ HP ProLiant NC7760 embedded Gigabit NIC 
 HP ProLiant NC7770 PCI-X Gigabit NIC (10/100/1000baseTX)
+HP ProLiant NC7771 PCI-X Gigabit NIC (10/100/1000baseTX)
 HP ProLiant NC7781 embedded PCI-X Gigabit NIC (10/100/1000baseTX)
 Netgear GA302T (10/100/1000baseTX)
@@ -202,6 +204,17 @@ SysKonnect SK-9D21 (10/100/1000baseTX)
 SysKonnect SK-9D41 (1000baseSX)
+The following tunable can be set at the
+.Xr loader 8
+prompt before booting the kernel, or stored in
+.Xr loader.conf 5 .
+.Bl -tag -width indent
+.It Va hw.bge.allow_asf
+Allow the ASF feature for cooperating with IPMI.
+Can cause system lockup problems on a small number of systems.
+Disabled by default.
 .Bl -diag
 .It "bge%d: couldn't map memory"

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