svn commit: r187242 - in stable/6/sys: . dev/dcons

Marius Strobl marius at
Wed Jan 14 13:08:45 PST 2009

Author: marius
Date: Wed Jan 14 21:08:43 2009
New Revision: 187242

  MFC: r185108
  Given that the buffer dcons_crom(4) exposes is used for both input
  and output, set BUS_DMA_COHERENT when creating the DMA map used for
  loading the buffer. As a side-effect this solves locking issues on
  sparc64 when dcons(4) calls bus_dmamap_sync(9) while in an interrupt
  filter, which are executed in a critical section, and iommu(4) has
  to use a sleep lock when taking advantage of the streaming buffer.
  Reported and tested by:	kensmith
  Approved by:		simokawa

  stable/6/sys/   (props changed)

Modified: stable/6/sys/dev/dcons/dcons_crom.c
--- stable/6/sys/dev/dcons/dcons_crom.c	Wed Jan 14 21:08:19 2009	(r187241)
+++ stable/6/sys/dev/dcons/dcons_crom.c	Wed Jan 14 21:08:43 2009	(r187242)
@@ -196,7 +196,7 @@ dcons_crom_attach(device_t dev)
-	bus_dmamap_create(sc->dma_tag, 0, &sc->dma_map);
+	bus_dmamap_create(sc->dma_tag, BUS_DMA_COHERENT, &sc->dma_map);
 	bus_dmamap_load(sc->dma_tag, sc->dma_map,
 	    (void *)dcons_conf->buf, dcons_conf->size,
 	    dmamap_cb, sc, 0);

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