svn commit: r185710 - stable/6/share/man/man5

Giorgos Keramidas keramida at
Sat Dec 6 06:42:37 PST 2008

Author: keramida (doc committer)
Date: Sat Dec  6 14:42:36 2008
New Revision: 185710

  MFC: r172623, r175681, r176182, r176184, and r185217
  * Document quotachecks use of the passno field.
  * Explain how the passno field in /etc/fstab works with fsck and
    quotacheck in some more detail.
  * Explain in more detail how the pass number field works.
  * Remove information about block devices; we don't have this sort
    of separation between character and block devices anymore.
  * Enhance the explanation of using filesystem-specific mount
    options, and add a mount_msdosfs example.

  stable/6/share/man/man5/   (props changed)

Modified: stable/6/share/man/man5/fstab.5
--- stable/6/share/man/man5/fstab.5	Sat Dec  6 14:36:08 2008	(r185709)
+++ stable/6/share/man/man5/fstab.5	Sat Dec  6 14:42:36 2008	(r185710)
@@ -32,7 +32,7 @@
 .\"     @(#)fstab.5	8.1 (Berkeley) 6/5/93
 .\" $FreeBSD$
-.Dd June 5, 1993
+.Dd November 23, 2008
 .Dt FSTAB 5
@@ -64,15 +64,8 @@ doing their thing.
 The first field,
 .Pq Fa fs_spec ,
-describes the block special device or
+describes the special device or
 remote file system to be mounted.
-For file systems of type
-.Em ufs ,
-the special file name is the block special file name,
-and not the character special file name.
-If a program needs the character special file name,
-the program must create it by appending a ``r'' after the
-last ``/'' in the special file name.
 The second field,
 .Pq Fa fs_file ,
@@ -98,8 +91,7 @@ describes the mount options associated w
 It is formatted as a comma separated list of options.
 It contains at least the type of mount (see
 .Fa fs_type
-below) plus any additional options
-appropriate to the file system type.
+below) plus any additional options appropriate to the file system type.
 See the options flag
 .Pq Fl o
 in the
@@ -107,6 +99,32 @@ in the
 page and the file system specific page, such as
 .Xr mount_nfs 8 ,
 for additional options that may be specified.
+All options that can be given to the file system specific mount commands
+can be used in
+as well.
+They just need to be formatted a bit differently.
+The arguments of the
+.Fl o
+option can be used without the preceding
+.Fl o
+Other options need both the file system specific flag and its argument,
+separated by an equal sign.
+For example, mounting an
+.Xr msdosfs 5
+filesystem, the options
+.Bd -literal -offset indent
+-o sync -o noatime -m 644 -M 755 -u foo -g bar
+should be written as
+.Bd -literal -offset indent
+in the option field of
+.Nm .
 If the options ``userquota'' and/or ``groupquota'' are specified,
 the file system is automatically processed by the
@@ -186,20 +204,72 @@ The sixth field,
 .Pq Fa fs_passno ,
 is used by the
 .Xr fsck 8
-program to determine the order in which file system checks are done
-at reboot time.
+.Xr quotacheck 8
+programs to determine the order in which file system and quota
+checks are done at reboot time.
+.Fa fs_passno
+field can be any value between 0 and 
+.Ql INT_MAX Ns -1 .
 The root file system should be specified with a
 .Fa fs_passno
 of 1, and other file systems should have a
 .Fa fs_passno
-of 2.
-File systems within a drive will be checked sequentially,
+of 2 or greater.
+A file system with a
+.Fa fs_passno
+value of 1 is always checked sequentially and be completed before 
+another file system is processed, and it will be processed before
+all file systems with a larger
+.Fa fs_passno .
+For any given value of
+.Fa fs_passno ,
+file systems within a drive will be checked sequentially,
 but file systems on different drives will be checked at the
 same time to utilize parallelism available in the hardware.
+Once all file system checks are complete for the current
+.Fa fs_passno ,
+the same process will start over for the next
+.Fa fs_passno .
 If the sixth field is not present or is zero,
 a value of zero is returned and
 .Xr fsck 8
+.Xr quotacheck 8
 will assume that the file system does not need to be checked.
+.Fa fs_passno
+field can be used to implement finer control when 
+the system utilities may determine that the file system resides
+on a different physical device, when it actually does not, as with a
+.Xr ccd 4
+All file systems with a lower
+.Fa fs_passno
+value will be completed before starting on file systems with a
+.Fa fs_passno
+E.g. all file systems with a
+.Fa fs_passno
+of 2 will be completed before any file systems with a
+.Fa fs_passno
+of 3 or greater are started.
+Gaps are allowed between the different
+.Fa fs_passno
+E.g. file systems listed in
+.Pa /etc/fstab
+may have
+.Fa fs_passno
+values such as 0, 1, 2, 15, 100, 200, 300, and may appear in any order
+.Pa /etc/fstab .
 .Bd -literal
 #define	FSTAB_RW	"rw"	/* read/write device */
 #define	FSTAB_RQ	"rq"	/* read/write with quotas */
@@ -237,6 +307,7 @@ resides in
 .Xr getfsent 3 ,
 .Xr getvfsbyname 3 ,
+.Xr ccd 4 ,
 .Xr dump 8 ,
 .Xr fsck 8 ,
 .Xr mount 8 ,

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