svn commit: r284746 - in head/sys/dev/hyperv: include netvsc

Bjoern A. Zeeb bz at
Wed Jun 24 23:40:01 UTC 2015

> On 24 Jun 2015, at 06:01 , Wei Hu <whu at> wrote:
> Author: whu
> Date: Wed Jun 24 06:01:29 2015
> New Revision: 284746
> URL:
> Log:
>  TSO and checksum offloading support for Netvsc driver on Hyper-V.
>  Submitted by:	whu
>  Reviewed by:	royger
>  Approved by:	royger
>  MFC after:	1 week
>  Relnotes:	yes
>  Sponsored by:	Microsoft OSTC
>  Differential Revision:

This breaks LINT-NOIP and LINT-NOINET6 kernels.

I started looking at adding appropriate #ifdefs and #including opt_inet.h and opt_inet6.h  but properly untangling this in the middle of the night isn’t possible anymore for me (and I can’t test it).

Can you please have a look and fix this?   make -j16 tinderbox TARGETS=“amd64”  (or i386) should do the trick and leave you with log files;  one error is:

/scratch/tmp/bz/head.svn/sys/dev/hyperv/netvsc/hv_netvsc_drv_freebsd.c:(.text+0x13cd): undefined reference to `in6_cksum_pseudo’


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