svn commit: r266828 - head/share/man/man5

Warren Block wblock at
Thu May 29 02:26:13 UTC 2014

Author: wblock (doc committer)
Date: Thu May 29 02:26:12 2014
New Revision: 266828

  Correct the description of characters allowed.  Based on pw_checkname in
  usr.sbin/pw/pw_user.c.  Modified version of patch submitted by
  PR:		docs/47594
  Submitted by:	Fernando Schapachnik <fernando at>, venture37 <venture37 at>
  Reviewed by:	allanjude, bcr, brueffer (on phabricator)
  MFC after:	1 week


Modified: head/share/man/man5/passwd.5
--- head/share/man/man5/passwd.5	Thu May 29 01:42:22 2014	(r266827)
+++ head/share/man/man5/passwd.5	Thu May 29 02:26:12 2014	(r266828)
@@ -125,19 +125,29 @@ Routines
 that manipulate these files will often return only one of the multiple
 entries, and that one by random selection.
-The login name must never begin with a hyphen
-.Pq Ql - ;
-also, it is strongly
-suggested that neither upper-case characters or dots
-.Pq Ql \&.
-be part
-of the name, as this tends to confuse mailers.
+The login name must not begin with a hyphen
+.Pq Ql \&- ,
+and cannot contain 8-bit characters, tabs or spaces, or any of these
+.Ql \&,:+&#%^\&(\&)!@~*?<>=|\e\\&/" .
+The dollar symbol
+.Pq Ql \&$
+is allowed only as the last character for use with Samba.
 No field may contain a
 .Pq Ql \&:
 as this has been used historically to separate the fields
 in the user database.
+Case is significant.
+Login names
+.Ql Lrrr
+.Ql lrrr
+represent different users.
+Be aware of this when interoperating with systems that do not have
+case-sensitive login names.
 In the
 .Nm master.passwd

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