svn commit: r266782 - head/sys/compat/linux

Dmitry Chagin dchagin at
Wed May 28 05:57:36 UTC 2014

Author: dchagin
Date: Wed May 28 05:57:35 2014
New Revision: 266782

  In r218101 I have not changed properly the futex syscall definition.
  Some Linux futex ops atomically verifies that the futex address uaddr
  (uval) contains the value val. Comparing signed uval and unsigned val
  may lead to an unexpected result, mostly to a deadlock.
  So copyin uaddr to an unsigned int to compare the parameters correctly.
  While here change ktr records to print parameters in more readable format.
  Tested by	eadler@
  MFC after:	3 days


Modified: head/sys/compat/linux/linux_futex.c
--- head/sys/compat/linux/linux_futex.c	Wed May 28 03:10:16 2014	(r266781)
+++ head/sys/compat/linux/linux_futex.c	Wed May 28 05:57:35 2014	(r266782)
@@ -679,12 +679,12 @@ futex_atomic_op(struct thread *td, int e
 linux_sys_futex(struct thread *td, struct linux_sys_futex_args *args)
-	int clockrt, nrwake, op_ret, ret, val;
+	int clockrt, nrwake, op_ret, ret;
 	struct linux_emuldata *em;
 	struct waiting_proc *wp;
 	struct futex *f, *f2;
 	int error;
-	uint32_t flags;
+	uint32_t flags, val;
 	LIN_SDT_PROBE2(futex, linux_sys_futex, entry, td, args);
@@ -721,7 +721,7 @@ linux_sys_futex(struct thread *td, struc
 		LIN_SDT_PROBE3(futex, linux_sys_futex, debug_wait, args->uaddr,
 		    args->val, args->val3);
-		LINUX_CTR3(sys_futex, "WAIT uaddr %p val %d val3 %d",
+		LINUX_CTR3(sys_futex, "WAIT uaddr %p val 0x%x bitset 0x%x",
 		    args->uaddr, args->val, args->val3);
 		error = futex_get(args->uaddr, &wp, &f,
@@ -746,9 +746,9 @@ linux_sys_futex(struct thread *td, struc
 			LIN_SDT_PROBE4(futex, linux_sys_futex,
 			    debug_wait_value_neq, args->uaddr, args->val, val,
-			LINUX_CTR4(sys_futex,
-			    "WAIT uaddr %p val %d != uval %d val3 %d",
-			    args->uaddr, args->val, val, args->val3);
+			LINUX_CTR3(sys_futex,
+			    "WAIT uaddr %p val 0x%x != uval 0x%x",
+			    args->uaddr, args->val, val);
 			futex_put(f, wp);
 			LIN_SDT_PROBE1(futex, linux_sys_futex, return,
@@ -766,7 +766,7 @@ linux_sys_futex(struct thread *td, struc
 		LIN_SDT_PROBE3(futex, linux_sys_futex, debug_wake, args->uaddr,
 		    args->val, args->val3);
-		LINUX_CTR3(sys_futex, "WAKE uaddr %p val % d val3 %d",
+		LINUX_CTR3(sys_futex, "WAKE uaddr %p nrwake 0x%x bitset 0x%x",
 		    args->uaddr, args->val, args->val3);
 		error = futex_get(args->uaddr, NULL, &f,
@@ -791,9 +791,9 @@ linux_sys_futex(struct thread *td, struc
 		    args->uaddr, args->val, args->val3, args->uaddr2,
 		LINUX_CTR5(sys_futex, "CMP_REQUEUE uaddr %p "
-		    "val %d val3 %d uaddr2 %p val2 %d",
+		    "nrwake 0x%x uval 0x%x uaddr2 %p nrequeue 0x%x",
 		    args->uaddr, args->val, args->val3, args->uaddr2,
-		    (int)(unsigned long)args->timeout);
+		    args->timeout);
 		 * Linux allows this, we would not, it is an incorrect
@@ -842,7 +842,7 @@ linux_sys_futex(struct thread *td, struc
 		if (val != args->val3) {
 			LIN_SDT_PROBE2(futex, linux_sys_futex,
 			    debug_cmp_requeue_value_neq, args->val, val);
-			LINUX_CTR2(sys_futex, "CMP_REQUEUE val %d != uval %d",
+			LINUX_CTR2(sys_futex, "CMP_REQUEUE val 0x%x != uval 0x%x",
 			    args->val, val);
 			futex_put(f2, NULL);
 			futex_put(f, NULL);
@@ -861,9 +861,9 @@ linux_sys_futex(struct thread *td, struc
 		LIN_SDT_PROBE5(futex, linux_sys_futex, debug_wake_op,
 		    args->uaddr, args->op, args->val, args->uaddr2, args->val3);
 		LINUX_CTR5(sys_futex, "WAKE_OP "
-		    "uaddr %p op %d val %x uaddr2 %p val3 %x",
-		    args->uaddr, args->op, args->val,
-		    args->uaddr2, args->val3);
+		    "uaddr %p nrwake 0x%x uaddr2 %p op 0x%x nrwake2 0x%x",
+		    args->uaddr, args->val, args->uaddr2, args->val3,
+		    args->timeout);
 		error = futex_get(args->uaddr, NULL, &f, flags);
 		if (error) {
@@ -886,6 +886,9 @@ linux_sys_futex(struct thread *td, struc
 		op_ret = futex_atomic_op(td, args->val3, args->uaddr2);
+		LINUX_CTR2(sys_futex, "WAKE_OP atomic_op uaddr %p ret 0x%x",
+		    args->uaddr, op_ret);
 		if (op_ret < 0) {
 			/* XXX: We don't handle the EFAULT yet. */
 			if (op_ret != -EFAULT) {

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