svn commit: r266774 - head/sbin/ifconfig

Allan Jude allanjude at
Tue May 27 20:45:16 UTC 2014

Author: allanjude (doc committer)
Date: Tue May 27 20:45:15 2014
New Revision: 266774

  improve ifconfig(8) man page by describing special behaviour of -l ether
  PR:		docs/187644
  Submitted by:	Andrew Merenbach (original patch)
  Approved by:	bcr (mentor)


Modified: head/sbin/ifconfig/ifconfig.8
--- head/sbin/ifconfig/ifconfig.8	Tue May 27 20:22:36 2014	(r266773)
+++ head/sbin/ifconfig/ifconfig.8	Tue May 27 20:45:15 2014	(r266774)
@@ -169,6 +169,18 @@ and
 .Dq lladdr
 are synonyms for
 .Dq link .
+When using the
+.Fl l
+flag, the
+.Dq ether
+address family has special meaning and is no longer synonymous with
+.Dq link
+.Dq lladdr .
+.Fl l Dq ether
+will list only ethernet interfaces, excluding all other interface types,
+including the loopback interface.
 .It Ar dest_address
 Specify the address of the correspondent on the other end
 of a point to point link.
@@ -2554,6 +2566,11 @@ The
 .Fl l
 flag may be used to list all available interfaces on the system, with
 no other additional information.
+If an
+.Ar address_family
+is specified, only interfaces of that type will be listed.
+.Fl l Dq ether
+will list only ethernet adapters, excluding the loopback interface.
 Use of this flag is mutually exclusive
 with all other flags and commands, except for
 .Fl d

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