svn commit: r266450 - head/share/mk

Simon J. Gerraty sjg at
Mon May 19 19:08:47 UTC 2014

Author: sjg
Date: Mon May 19 19:08:46 2014
New Revision: 266450

  _SUBDIR is marked .MAKE - since it runs a sub-make.
  Targets thus marked are supposed to run even with -n.
  As such they should not do anything except run the sub-make.
  Use an intermediate target _* to associate with _SUBDIR and which
  depends on installincludes etc so that we get the correct behavior with -n.
  Reviewed by:	marcel


Modified: head/share/mk/
--- head/share/mk/	Mon May 19 18:07:37 2014	(r266449)
+++ head/share/mk/	Mon May 19 19:08:46 2014	(r266450)
@@ -104,8 +104,9 @@ ${__target}: _SUBDIR
 .for __target in files includes
 .for __stage in build install
+_${__stage}${__target}: ${__stage}${__target}
 .if make(${__stage}${__target})
-${__stage}${__target}: _SUBDIR
+_${__stage}${__target}: _SUBDIR
 ${__target}: .MAKE

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