svn commit: r266147 - head/usr.bin/bmake

Warner Losh imp at
Thu May 15 15:45:46 UTC 2014

Author: imp
Date: Thu May 15 15:45:45 2014
New Revision: 266147

Log: is also included by the tests subdirectory, which results
  in SUBDIRS having tests added to it, which fails. Work around this by
  checking to make sure tests exists before adding it to subdirs and
  work to get the generated file fixed so we can rename to
  something else so it isn't automatically included by subdirs...


Modified: head/usr.bin/bmake/
--- head/usr.bin/bmake/	Thu May 15 15:43:33 2014	(r266146)
+++ head/usr.bin/bmake/	Thu May 15 15:45:45 2014	(r266147)
@@ -13,7 +13,10 @@ PROG= make
-.if defined(MK_TESTS) && ${MK_TESTS} != no
+# hack to not add tests to tests subdir since this is included from
+# there and to avoid renaming things that require changes to generated
+# files.
+.if defined(MK_TESTS) && ${MK_TESTS} != no && exists(${.CURDIR}/tests)
 SUBDIR+= tests

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