svn commit: r265474 - head/etc/defaults

Adrian Chadd adrian at
Tue May 6 23:28:38 UTC 2014

Author: adrian
Date: Tue May  6 23:28:37 2014
New Revision: 265474

  Bump the default C-state to Cmax, rather than the kernel default
  of C1.
  This may not stay through 11.0-RELEASE, but at least having it
  on by default in -HEAD will expose (more) issues with broken hardware.
  Note: I have no plans or desire to MFC this to stable/10.


Modified: head/etc/defaults/rc.conf
--- head/etc/defaults/rc.conf	Tue May  6 22:13:38 2014	(r265473)
+++ head/etc/defaults/rc.conf	Tue May  6 23:28:37 2014	(r265474)
@@ -642,9 +642,9 @@ devfs_system_ruleset=""	# The name (NOT 
 devfs_set_rulesets=""	# A list of /mount/dev=ruleset_name settings to
 			# apply (must be mounted already, i.e. fstab(5))
 devfs_load_rulesets="YES"	# Enable to always load the default rulesets
-performance_cx_lowest="HIGH"	# Online CPU idle state
+performance_cx_lowest="Cmax"	# Online CPU idle state
 performance_cpu_freq="NONE"	# Online CPU frequency
-economy_cx_lowest="HIGH"	# Offline CPU idle state
+economy_cx_lowest="Cmax"	# Offline CPU idle state
 economy_cpu_freq="NONE"		# Offline CPU frequency
 virecover_enable="YES"	# Perform housekeeping for the vi(1) editor
 ugidfw_enable="NO"	# Load mac_bsdextended(4) rules on boot

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