svn commit: r265419 - head/share/mk

Julian Elischer julian at
Tue May 6 04:42:14 UTC 2014

While you are wandering around in the Makefiles, I was wondering
if you could estimate the amount of work to have the ability to
specify the location of the  build toolchain a bit better..

Currently it's $(OBJPREFIX)/$(.CURDIR)/tmp or something
(different if cross compiling of course), but it'd
be nice to be able to generate a crossbuild toolchain externally
that can be used by other software.. It'd be really nice to be able
to use our sources to generate an ARM crossbuild set that
could then be used on third party software to make pi binaries for 

We have all this neat crossbuild capabilityin our source tree.. it's 
be truely spectacular
if that was an exportable target. "make TARGET=ARM-pi crossbuildtools" 
could be used with a given make,conf file to "just build" ARM-rpi 

At $JOB we currently we have a build env (which is incredibly broken 
but that another story)
that expects to pull all includes, libs and tools from a certain place...
I currently prepopulate it by doing make DESTDIR=$PLACE installworld.
which is a bit of an overkill, but at least it works..  The toolchain 
set we use in
buildworld would be about perfect to drop in there.. but
   "make toolchain && cp -pr /obj/...../tmp/* $PLACE"
doesn't strike me as the most elegant way to do it..


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