svn commit: r265139 - head/share/man/man9

Kevin Lo kevlo at
Wed Apr 30 07:17:51 UTC 2014

Author: kevlo
Date: Wed Apr 30 07:17:51 2014
New Revision: 265139

  Change type from int to short to match function prototypes.
  Reviewed by:	glebius


Modified: head/share/man/man9/mbuf.9
--- head/share/man/man9/mbuf.9	Wed Apr 30 07:09:16 2014	(r265138)
+++ head/share/man/man9/mbuf.9	Wed Apr 30 07:17:51 2014	(r265139)
@@ -64,23 +64,23 @@
 .Fn M_TRAILINGSPACE "struct mbuf *mbuf"
 .Fn M_MOVE_PKTHDR "struct mbuf *to" "struct mbuf *from"
 .Fn M_PREPEND "struct mbuf *mbuf" "int len" "int how"
-.Fn MCHTYPE "struct mbuf *mbuf" "u_int type"
+.Fn MCHTYPE "struct mbuf *mbuf" "short type"
 .Ft int
 .Fn M_WRITABLE "struct mbuf *mbuf"
 .Ss Mbuf allocation functions
 .Ft struct mbuf *
-.Fn m_get "int how" "int type"
+.Fn m_get "int how" "short type"
 .Ft struct mbuf *
-.Fn m_getm "struct mbuf *orig" "int len" "int how" "int type"
+.Fn m_getm "struct mbuf *orig" "int len" "int how" "short type"
 .Ft struct mbuf *
 .Fn m_getjcl "int how" "short type" "int flags" "int size"
 .Ft struct mbuf *
 .Fn m_getcl "int how" "short type" "int flags"
 .Ft struct mbuf *
-.Fn m_getclr "int how" "int type"
+.Fn m_getclr "int how" "short type"
 .Ft struct mbuf *
-.Fn m_gethdr "int how" "int type"
+.Fn m_gethdr "int how" "short type"
 .Ft struct mbuf *
 .Fn m_free "struct mbuf *mbuf"
 .Ft void

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