svn commit: r264995 - head/release/amd64

Ed Maste emaste at
Sun Apr 27 15:22:49 UTC 2014

On 26 April 2014 21:06, Nathan Whitehorn <nwhitehorn at> wrote:
>   One other note here is that this requires newfs_msdos and mdconfig, which is
>   really ugly. NetBSD's makefs at least seems to support FAT now. If that
>   actually works, it should be imported and we can get rid of the mdconfig mess.

NetBSD's makefs does support FAT, but relies on a refactored
newfs_msdos that splits out the basic functionality for reuse.  I
started looking into that (and discovered the wrong min/max cluster
counts -- r264889), and plan to make that change and then bring over
the makefs changes.

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