svn commit: r264571 - head/etc/rc.d

Maksim Yevmenkin emax at
Wed Apr 16 22:26:43 UTC 2014

Author: emax
Date: Wed Apr 16 22:26:42 2014
New Revision: 264571

  when watchdogd is asked to exit nicely (via SIGTERM) it will
  stop timer. since watchdogd rc.d script is marked as 'shutdown'
  it will exit (on shutdown) and stop timer. if system happens to
  hung after watchdogd exited, manual reset is required. when one
  operates in "lights-out" type of environments and without
  readily available "remote hands" it could create a problem.
  this provides ability to override "stop signal" for watchdogd.
  default behavior is preserved, i.e. watchdogd will still be killed
  via SIGTERM and timer will be stopped. in order to activate new
  feature, one needs to put
  into /etc/rc.conf and also make sure watchdogd timeout is set
  to long enough value allowing system to come back online before
  timeout fires.
  Obtained from:	Netflix
  MFC after:	1 week


Modified: head/etc/rc.d/watchdogd
--- head/etc/rc.d/watchdogd	Wed Apr 16 22:18:43 2014	(r264570)
+++ head/etc/rc.d/watchdogd	Wed Apr 16 22:26:42 2014	(r264571)
@@ -39,4 +39,7 @@ command="/usr/sbin/${name}"
 load_rc_config $name
 run_rc_command "$1"

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