svn commit: r264395 - head

Warner Losh imp at
Sun Apr 13 05:21:23 UTC 2014

Author: imp
Date: Sun Apr 13 05:21:22 2014
New Revision: 264395

  Determine whether to build clang and its bootstrap tools the same
  way. This allows a clang bootstrap to happen, even when WITHOUT_CLANG
  is defined. This is a minimal version of a more extensive change which
  can be MFC'd more easily. However, we have to also test to see if
  we're building clang as not cc, since the bootstrap for that needs
  these cross tools and it is easier to build them in just one place.
  MFC after: 1 week


Modified: head/Makefile.inc1
--- head/Makefile.inc1	Sun Apr 13 02:03:14 2014	(r264394)
+++ head/Makefile.inc1	Sun Apr 13 05:21:22 2014	(r264395)
@@ -1234,7 +1234,7 @@ _awk=		usr.bin/awk
 _gensnmptree=	usr.sbin/bsnmpd/gensnmptree
-.if ${MK_CLANG} != "no"
+.if ${MK_CLANG_IS_CC} != "no" || ${CC:T:Mclang} == "clang" || ${MK_CLANG} != "no"
 _clang_tblgen= \
 	lib/clang/libllvmsupport \
 	lib/clang/libllvmtablegen \

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