svn commit: r264059 - head/bin/dd

Bruce Evans brde at
Thu Apr 3 07:52:04 UTC 2014

On Wed, 2 Apr 2014, Xin Li wrote:

> On 4/2/14, 9:45 PM, Bruce Evans wrote:
>> On Thu, 3 Apr 2014, Xin LI wrote:
>>> 0x00020 -#define    C_FILES        0x00040 -#define    C_IBS
>>> 0x00080 -#define    C_IF        0x00100 -#define    C_LCASE
>>> 0x00200 -#define    C_NOERROR    0x00400 -#define    C_NOTRUNC
>>> 0x00800 -#define    C_OBS        0x01000 -#define    C_OF
>>> 0x02000 -#define    C_OSYNC        0x04000 -#define    C_PAREVEN
>>> 0x08000 -#define    C_PARNONE    0x100000
>> The previous formatting was not too good, and obfuscated a bug
>> here. 4 bits are unused.  Someone added this bug together with many
>> others in 2004, and I missed it then when I committed a fix for the
>> others. Most of the bugs that I fixed were unsorting of the table
>> by adding to its end.  Insertion sort tends to give large churn of
>> the table by changing all the numbers, but for the 2004 fix there
>> wasn't much churn except relative to the unsorted version because
>> all the changes were near the end.

Actually it was me who added the unused bits.  *Blush*.

I see you committed a fix.

>>> -#define    C_PARODD    0x200000 -#define    C_PARSET
>>> 0x400000 -#define    C_SEEK        0x800000 -#define    C_SKIP
>>> 0x1000000 -#define    C_SPARSE    0x2000000 -#define    C_SWAB
>>> 0x4000000 -#define    C_SYNC        0x8000000 -#define    C_UCASE

Mail programs keep getting worse.  Here they destroyed the line wrapping
together with rearranging the quotes.

> Will it be an improvement if we have the attached change committed?
> Basically it redo the sort and use 1 <<'s instead of hardcoded heximal
> numbers.

Too much style changing.  dd still uses hex constants for smaller flag
values elsewhere, even in the same file.

>> The 2 values above UINT_MAX also won't compile with compilers that
>> warn that 'integer constant is too large for "long" type'.  Mainly
>> gcc
> without
>> -std=c99.  clang is too incompatible to warn about this even with
>> -std=c89 -Wall.  The fix is not to further churn the table by
>> adding a ULL suffix to all entries.

Using shifts gives a similar type problem for 32-bit types.  From the

% -#define	C_NOXFER	0x10000000
% -#define	C_NOINFO	0x20000000
% ...
% +#define	C_UCASE		(1 << 28)
% +#define	C_UNBLOCK	(1 << 29)

This works up to (1 << 30), assuming 32-bit ints, but (1 << 31) would
overflow.  It would have to be written as (1U << 31) (keep assuming
32-bit ints), but this would mess up the fancy formatting.  Elswhere
in the patch:

% -#define	C_ASCII		0x00000001
% -#define	C_BLOCK		0x00000002
% ...
% +#define	C_ASCII		(1 <<  0)
% +#define	C_BLOCK		(1 <<  1)

Fancy formatting like this (the extra space before the shift count to line
things up) is hard to maintain since it is too fancy for indent(1) to produce
or preserve.


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