svn commit: r264042 - in head: include lib/libc/gen lib/libc/include lib/libc/stdlib

David Chisnall theraven at
Wed Apr 2 16:31:01 UTC 2014

On 2 Apr 2014, at 17:18, Konstantin Belousov <kostikbel at> wrote:

> This is completely wrong.  You cannot modify FreeBSD 8.x namespace in
> 11.x HEAD time.

That was an error, however we are using symbol versioning completely wrongly in FreeBSD anyway (see the last two DevSummit discussions and the wiki page).  New entries should *always* go in the version 0 namespace (so that when they're MFCd the changes Just Work™) and only ever be moved out of there when they are replaced with versions with different semantics.

The weird hybrid we have that tries to conflate symbol versions and OS releases manages to get the worst of both worlds.

I've now moved it to the FBSD_1.3 namespace, but I would be more in favour of going with the consensus from the last DevSummit and using symbol versioning properly and move them all into the FBSD_1.0 namespace.

> Also, the ABI of the libc now depends on the compiler which was used to
> build the library, which is also wrong and ugly.

No it doesn't.  Read the patch.


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