svn commit: r263994 - head/share/mk

Warner Losh imp at
Tue Apr 1 14:24:17 UTC 2014

Author: imp
Date: Tue Apr  1 14:24:15 2014
New Revision: 263994

  There's no need to set the default for GNUCXX based on WITHOUT_CXX
  being defined. The system works fine without it (because GNUCXX isn't
  built when WITHOUT_CXX is defined), and it is one of the few places we
  test WITHOUT_FOO instead of MK_FOO in the base system. Simply
  eliminate it to solve both problems. Also, minor tweak to make it
  clearer that the default is always NO for GNUGCC on i386.


Modified: head/share/mk/
--- head/share/mk/	Tue Apr  1 14:24:08 2014	(r263993)
+++ head/share/mk/	Tue Apr  1 14:24:15 2014	(r263994)
@@ -408,24 +408,18 @@ __DEFAULT_NO_OPTIONS+=CLANG CLANG_FULL
 .if ${__T} == "amd64" || ${__T} == "arm" || ${__T} == "armv6" || \
     ${__T} == "armv6hf" || ${__T} == "i386"
 # The pc98 bootloader requires gcc to build and so we must leave gcc enabled
 # for pc98 for now.
 .if ${__TT} == "pc98"
 # If clang is not cc, then build gcc by default
-# And if g++ is c++, build the rest of the GNU C++ stack
-.if defined(WITHOUT_CXX)

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