svn commit: r253786 - in head/sys: dev/random modules/padlock_rng modules/rdrand_rng modules/yarrow_rng

Andrey Chernov ache at
Wed Jul 31 18:42:29 UTC 2013

On 31.07.2013 21:46, David O'Brien wrote:
> I realize the motivation for your r249631 change.
> But as it relates to the change I committed, there is no change in
> behavior in this.  If one is using a hardware RNG, yarrow is not
> initialized and so the ARC4_ENTR_NONE -> ARC4_ENTR_HAVE transition
> does not happen.

Uh, I never claim that it was you who makes this thing broken) I only
notice that you touch this area and bring your attention that hardware
RNGs should be the same way fixed for arc4 too assuming you have
appropriate hardware for tests since you touch it. I don't have such
hardware so ever not examine path hardware RNGs go in this case.

I hope your commit backing out is not final, but will be returned after
secteam@ review with this thing fixed.


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