svn commit: r253825 - in head/sys: dev/wi modules modules/wi powerpc/powermac

Guy Helmer guy.helmer at
Wed Jul 31 18:18:53 UTC 2013

On Jul 31, 2013, at 1:09 PM, Adrian Chadd <adrian at> wrote:

> On 31 July 2013 07:07, Ian Lepore <ian at> wrote:
>> I'm more concerned about the 201 files in the base that say I have to
>> give Mr. Paul credit in any product documentation and advertising
>> materials (the marketing department is going to love that one, huh?).
> Welcome to licencing terms hell. This is why there have been
> occasional sprints in "fixing" the licence terms to be more
> consistent.
>> How many other such one-off requirements are buried in the license
>> blocks of the source that I had no idea existed and am failing to comply
>> with?
> That's what well written perl scripts to extract / process copyright
> notices are for.

Any pointers to freely-available scripts?


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