svn commit: r253614 - head/usr.bin/patch

Pedro Giffuni pfg at
Thu Jul 25 15:23:19 UTC 2013

On 25.07.2013 05:27, Alexey Dokuchaev wrote:

>> All the comments in that file have that same problem. At least now
>> we are consistently inconsistent.
> ;-)
Yes, I defininitely missed a wink there :).

This is not a change I feel I should spend more time on though.

>>>>    Submitted by:	gogolok
>>> $ finger gogolok at
>>> [...]
>>> finger: gogolok: no such user
>>> ??
>> @google ...
>> I actually don't have more information about the submitter:
> My point was that "short" should only be used for our fellow committers.

Ugh ... point taken.
The problem with unwritten rules is that someone
can always abuse them in the name of lazyness.

I will be more careful next time.


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