svn commit: r253559 - head/sys/ia64/ia64

Marcel Moolenaar marcel at
Tue Jul 23 02:38:24 UTC 2013

Author: marcel
Date: Tue Jul 23 02:38:23 2013
New Revision: 253559

  In ia64_mca_init(), don't limit the allocation of the info block to
  fall within the first 256MB of memory. The origin/reason for that
  limitation is not known, but it's not believed to be required for
  proper initialization. What is known is that the Altix 350 does not
  have physical memory at that address (by virtue of the address space
  Keep the boundary at 256MB so that the info block will be covered
  by a single direct-mapped translation.
  While here, change the flags to M_NOWAIT to eliminate confusion. It
  does not change the behaviour of contigmalloc(). What is does is
  makes the flags argument explicitly say what the actual behaviour


Modified: head/sys/ia64/ia64/mca.c
--- head/sys/ia64/ia64/mca.c	Tue Jul 23 02:11:22 2013	(r253558)
+++ head/sys/ia64/ia64/mca.c	Tue Jul 23 02:38:23 2013	(r253559)
@@ -284,8 +284,8 @@ ia64_mca_init(void)
 	max_size = round_page(max_size);
-	p = (max_size) ? contigmalloc(max_size, M_TEMP, 0, 0ul,
-	    256*1024*1024 - 1, PAGE_SIZE, 256*1024*1024) : NULL;
+	p = (max_size) ? contigmalloc(max_size, M_TEMP, M_NOWAIT, 0ul, ~0ul,
+	    PAGE_SIZE, 256*1024*1024) : NULL;
 	if (p != NULL) {
 		mca_info_block = IA64_PHYS_TO_RR7(ia64_tpa((u_int64_t)p));

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