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> De> >> Log:
> De> >>  Create memstick images with the '.img' filename extension.
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> De> >>  Requested by:	many
> De> >>  [...]
> De> >
> De> > Is there any work being done to merge the .iso and .img into single,
> De> > hybrid bootable image (c.g. Haiku)?  I've asked this question before,
> De> > but I cannot recall now what was the outcome if it...
> De> >
> De>
> De> I have been doing this for years @ $work with sysinstall. Since the
> De> death of sysinstall, I've been working on the replacement. However,
> De> you can download Hybrid ISO/IMG images here:
> It is possible to create a hybrid image of ISO9660 and USB memory
> image because ISO images for sparc64 have a similar structure and we
> can reuse the build procedure.  I have a patch to create such images,
> but there is a concern that recent memory images become >700MB.  Is
> it still useful?

Yes. Because we can burn them to DVD for read-only optical and we can use 2GB, 4GB, or greater-sized USB Thumbs.

@ $work we've been able to keep the size of the ISOs down by using sysinstall from an mfsroot.


ASIDE: I recently analyzed what we would need to put bsdinstall+bsdconfig into an mfsroot to do similar things as sysinstall...

(sorted alphabetically)
/bin/sh /usr/sbin/pkg_add* awk bsdlabel** cat cdcontrol chmod chown cksum cmp cp 
date df dhclient dialog dumpfs ee fdisk fetch find ftp grep host hostname id 
ifconfig kill ldconfig ln ls md5 mkdir mktemp mount mount_cd9660 mount_msdosfs 
mount_nfs moused mv nc pkg_delete* pw rm route rtsol sed sleep sort stat stty 
sysctl tail tr umount uname vidcontrol

(optional functionality requirements; not required in mfsroot)
Xdialog logger su sudo touch xauth xterm

* bsdconfig(8) yet to be updated for pkg (for configPackages)
** bsdconfig(8) yet to be updated to use gpart to probe for disks (for mediaSet*)


Despite the fact that what we've only published builds under 600MB, in-house @ $work, I've made so-called "super discs" that contain multiple arches + multiple releases. For example, I once made a multi-GB DVD that contained 4.11, 8.1-32, 8.1-64, 8.3-32, 8.3-64, 9.0-32, and 9.0-64 (plus several utilities like memtest86, memtest86+, memtest86+SMP, windiag, Derik's Boot-And-Nuke, TuffTest Pro, SpinRite, WD Velociraptor FW updates, Seagate SeaTools (both GUI and Txt version), and yet even more. I think the resulting ISO was about 2.7GB. It fit nicely on a 3GB thumb-drive I had and it burned well to DVD. It was very nice being able to walk around with one disc or one thumb drive and be prepared for anything/everything.

(I carry one one me at all times in my coat pocket ^_^)

So yeah... >700MB shouldn't be a problem.

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