svn commit: r253482 - in head: contrib/ipfilter sys/contrib/ipfilter

Cy Schubert cy at
Sat Jul 20 07:29:20 UTC 2013

Author: cy
Date: Sat Jul 20 07:29:19 2013
New Revision: 253482

  As per the developers handbook (5.3.1 step 1), bootstrap svn:mergeinfo on
  the ipfilter directories in the main tree to the last commit made to
  the ipfilter trees in the vendor branches (r253468) which flattened the
  ipfilter vendor trees.
  Now that this step is complete, we are free to import new sources into the
  ipfilter vendor trees.
  Approved by:	glebius (Mentor)

Directory Properties:
  head/contrib/ipfilter/   (props changed)
  head/sys/contrib/ipfilter/   (props changed)

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