svn commit: r253425 - head/share/monetdef

Baptiste Daroussin bapt at
Wed Jul 17 14:00:52 UTC 2013

Author: bapt
Date: Wed Jul 17 14:00:51 2013
New Revision: 253425

  Do not overwrite the new UTF-8 files with the old ISO one


Modified: head/share/monetdef/Makefile
--- head/share/monetdef/Makefile	Wed Jul 17 13:47:13 2013	(r253424)
+++ head/share/monetdef/Makefile	Wed Jul 17 14:00:51 2013	(r253425)
@@ -121,12 +121,9 @@ ISO8859-1_ISO8859-15= af_ZA ca_AD ca_ES 
 		fi_FI fr_BE fr_CA fr_CH fr_FR \
 		is_IS it_IT it_CH nl_BE nl_NL nb_NO nn_NO no_NO sv_SE
 ISO8859-1_US-ASCII= en_AU en_CA en_GB en_NZ en_US
-ISO8859-1_UTF-8= af_ZA ca_ES da_DK de_AT de_CH de_DE \
-		en_AU en_CA en_NZ en_US es_ES \
-		fi_FI fr_BE fr_CA fr_FR is_IS it_IT nl_BE \
-		nl_NL nb_NO nn_NO no_NO pt_BR sv_SE
+ISO8859-1_UTF-8= af_ZA da_DK de_CH en_AU en_CA en_NZ en_US \
+		fr_CA is_IS nb_NO nn_NO no_NO pt_BR sv_SE
 ISO8859-2_UTF-8= hr_HR hu_HU ro_RO sk_SK sl_SI
-ISO8859-7_UTF-8= el_GR
 ISO8859-9_UTF-8= tr_TR
 ISO8859-13_ISO8859-4= lt_LT
 ISO8859-13_UTF-8= lt_LT lv_LV

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