svn commit: r187580 - head/tools/sched

Ivan Voras ivoras at
Thu Jan 22 12:55:13 PST 2009

2009/1/22 Robert Watson <rwatson at>:

> FWIW, the one case where I don't really do that is when I worked on some
> code on my own and hence hold the copyright for it, then did some work under
> a contract for a customer on it such that they own the copyright on
> enhancements, and then I do some further work on my own.  In that case, I'll
> leave a discontinuity to reflect the fact that the copyright on changes made
> in the gap were assigned elsewhere.  Not clear this is the right thing to
> do, but I'm fairly sure at least some of my customers are more comfortable
> with that as it leaves no confusion in the source as to which bits they
> sponsored/own.

Of course this is purely cosmetic as "one year" is a terrible
granularity for commits to a moving target :)

(i.e. legally it's worthless information)

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