svn commit: r187426 - head/sys/amd64/conf

Maxim Sobolev sobomax at
Mon Jan 19 17:42:57 PST 2009

M. Warner Losh wrote:
> In message: <497446D4.5020104 at>
>             Maxim Sobolev <sobomax at> writes:
> : i386 only and don't have any particular reason to be i386-specific (i.e. 
> : ISA/EISA drivers, PCMCIA drivers etc) into amd64 GENERIC automatically 
> Ahem.  PC Card drivers are not, and never have been, i386 specific.
> At least not since we've moved to NEWCARD.  You should remove that
> from the list of things that you think are processor specific.  They
> have worked on amd64 for a long time, and there are likely to be a few
> new PC Card bridge drivers in the tree soon for non-x86 platforms.

Well, I supposed it was the reason why few SCSI cards were in i386 
kernel, but weren't in amd64. Perhaps I was wrong. I am talking about these:

device         ncv             # NCR 53C500
device         nsp             # Workbit Ninja SCSI-3
device         stg             # TMC 18C30/18C50

Perhaps the reason is just that nobody has the hardware to test on amd64.


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