svn commit: r187151 - head/sys/powerpc/booke

Rafal Jaworowski raj at
Tue Jan 13 13:30:10 PST 2009

Alan Cox wrote:
> Both the BookE and MIPS pmap modules need to have their get_pv_entry()
> functions updated.  Their implementations of get_pv_entry() look like
> what I would expect to find in FreeBSD 4.  For example, the modern
> equivalent of pmap_collect() is performed synchronously from
> get_pv_entry() rather than asynchronously as a side-effect of waking the
> page daemon.  As a result of this mismatch, there is no
> pmap_collect()-like support in HEAD for either BookE or MIPS.  This
> could cause either to crash under memory pressure.
> The simplest correct implementation of get_pv_entry() can be found in
> the IA64 pmap module.  You could cut-and-paste all but the body of the
> inner loop.  (amd64 and i386 are complicated by their efforts to save
> memory.)

Thanks for bringing it out and the hints. I'll take a look and try to improve
this for the BookE.


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